Your Guide to Your Baby’s First Doctor Appointment

As new parents, you are experiencing a monumental amount of “firsts.” All these new things can be overwhelming and it can feel like a lot at once. Remember to try and relax and know that no one was born knowing how to be a parent, it’s something we all just have to learn as we go.

Well before the first steps and first words comes your baby’s first doctor appointment. This may even be their first outing, as it can happen pretty quickly after your baby is born. We’ve put together this article so you can know what to expect for their first visit to the doctor.

Ready to learn more? Read on to learn more about their first pediatrician appointment!

When Should You Have Baby’s First Doctor Appointment?

It is best to establish care with a pediatrician as soon as possible after your little bundle of joy is born, usually sometime within the first week.

Scheduling your appointment within the first two weeks is also acceptable. However, if you are expecting a lot of visitors to see the baby right away, earlier is better to make sure they stay healthy with all that human contact. It’s wise to bring them in as soon after leaving the hospital as possible.

What’s Going to Happen at the Appointment?

First, a nurse or medical assistant will weigh and measure the baby to check on how they are growing in the first week. Your baby may weigh less at your first appointment than they did just after they were born. This is completely normal and they should start to gain it back within the second week after birth.

Next, your pediatrician will examine the baby. They will give the baby a complete look over to make sure that everything developed the way that it should. They will also be able to answer any questions you as parents may have. They expect to field plenty of inquiries, so ask away!

Make sure the baby is wearing something loose and easy to remove so that the pediatrician can access the baby’s chest to listen to their heart and lungs.


Depending on your vaccination schedule, your child may receive a few shots at this appointment. Your baby does not understand what is happening and may be upset after the shot, but you will be able to hold and comfort them during the process.

Medical assistants know what to expect when they see your baby: crying! That’s because often, pediatricians will have assistants or nurses administer shots so that the pediatrician themselves does not become associated with pain.

Healthy Baby, Happy Baby!

Congratulations on your new baby! We wish you all the best at your baby’s first doctor appointment! Now that you know what to expect, you can sleep easier. And believe us, we know you will need every minute of sleep you can get!

In the meantime, stick around! We have many more articles to help keep you informed on everything for both mom and baby!

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