Your Career is Much More Than Your University Title

It’s Graduation Day!

I’m sitting on a stair and watching my younger fellow students in envy. It’s a sad moment. They seem so happy and assured of what’s ahead of them. They seem content to just stay here and hang out without a care in the world.


I don’t have the slightest idea where I’m going or what I’m doing. One thing I know for sure is — I don’t want to be like most of the grown-ups around here.

Yet, everybody is eager to push me to instantly become a know-it-all person.

Slow down, it takes time and patience

This was my life seven years ago.

If you’re one of those who have figured it out even before graduation, God bless you!

If you’re feeling like me back then, I want to tell you something. Two years from my graduation day, I suffered through a major breakup. There were serious emotional issues for me to address ASAP.

I’ve sought help and started to work on myself by attending a psychodrama session.

One of my mentors there asked me what do I want to do with my life. I started to mumble something but I couldn’t articulate exactly what I wanted to say.

Fortunately, my mentor got the picture.

She said:

Oh! So, you’re like an explorer?

I looked at her and after a little hesitation realized that yes! I’m an explorer. But I can’t explore because a part of me has to become a journalist. Why did I even bother to get a degree if I’m not up for the challenge?

My forced career ambition disconnected me from my being. I didn’t admit to myself that I’m feeling lost. I didn’t seek out additional help. So I stayed unemployed and miserable.

I’ve continued to live with this inner wrestle pretty much all the way into my thirties. But the exploration image stayed with me.

Lessons from the Renaissance

Back in the Renaissance days, people weren’t bothered to pursue a carrier in a certain field. No matter what were their skills and previous knowledge, they’ve mastered psychology, relationships, maths, history, making money, religion and much more.

This made them connect the dots throughout the various points and subjects of knowledge.

Columbo didn’t know he would discover America.

Tesla didn’t know he’s about to become a superbrand.

Both of them explored the world of endless possibilities, tested it out, failed and got the best out of it.

Today, I realize how everything’s exactly the way it should be. It’s ok not to feel ready for a career. And maybe never pursue one.

Being a journalist, I was supposed to write about politics or sports every single day.

Yet, my journey took me to psychodrama, acting, doing a variety of jobs and building a stellar relationship.

And all of it became my career.

Looking back, getting to know myself was far more important than fitting in. My grade in journalism didn’t teach me social skills, how to handle a relationship or how to survive through rough times. It didn’t show me how to write, communicate, negotiate or ask.

The majority of professors in my UNI never actually had a real job.

They were assembled there because of their political connections. How could I learn anything about myself from those guys?

If you resonate with this, don’t worry. There will be a moment when the right people will enter your life and you’ll start to feel inspired in their presence.

They are meant to be your guidelines.

The Takeaway

The journey always starts with you alone. You have to give yourself permission to try out different things. People who think they know it all are old in their twenties and fixed in their mindsets. Their script is already written by the society.

You don’t have to know. You can explore.

Like Columbo.



Or Bowie.

As long as you explore, chances are, you’ll discover more of yourself. The more of you we get in action, the more this world can become a Renaissance 2.0.

A version of this post was previously published on Medium and is republished here with permission from the author.


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