Yoni Healing Massage

Yoni Healing Massage and Yoni Pleasure Massage are not always the same.

Pleasure massage, with a heart touch, and an intention of Honouring, of giving, of connection, will always have a healing element.
Healing Massage is different.
It’s a specific practice, or rather, series of practices with a very clear intention.
To heal, to release, to relax, to soften, to open, to sensitise, to vitalise, to connect, to embody.
Tissue that may be filled with pain, with tension, with tightness.
Tissue that may be filled with emotional blockage of shame, of embarrassment, of guilt.
Tissue that may be carrying generations of hurt, of disconnect, of withdrawal.
Tissue that may be a result of painful, unwanted touching, of unprepared penetration.
Tissue that has never claimed pleasure as its own.
Tissue that has been disconnected from the rest of the body and the mind.
Tissue that has no place in the heart.
Tissue that has been judged.

Yoni Healing Massage is slow, so slow.
Gentle, so gentle.
It takes time.
Time to release time to integrate and connect.
Time for the mind to catch up and acknowledge what’s happening in the body.
Time for the heart to open and for energy to flow.

The first massage, and maybe for a while, is not internal.
It works with release points externally, on the pubic bone, in the crease at the top of the thighs.
When there has been stress and trauma, when the disconnect is deep, when the hurt has been present for a long time, the release needs to be slow.
The pattern in the body is contractive, it’s tight, it holds on.
To allow the release, to create a pattern of change takes time.
Pleasure will come, in its time.
Yoni Healing Massage has an intention rather than a goal.
A goal can be a limitation, it sees one path, one ending.
An intention is allowing. It’s connecting to the body, to intuition and being guided in that. It’s not a set practice, and it may go down many paths for the healing to take place.
Much that’s held in the yoni is not about sex. It’s about our self-definition, our creativity, our vitality, our personal power.
It’s about owning, accepting and loving all that we are.
And it’s about creating possibility.

When there are sexual blockages and inhibitions, when pleasure and orgasm are difficult and a struggle, when sexual desire is low, when there is numbness or pain, pleasure massage may not be the best experience.

First there’s the healing.
Then the pleasure…

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