Writing Your Own Life Script With Angelina Zimmerman

Mindset shifts and managing limiting beliefs are skills that are crucial to success in life and business alike. Angelina Zimmerman, a writer, coach and host, specializes in teaching people how to write the script to their lives in a way that allows for growth and freedom. She joins me on the show to discuss what it takes to gain a winning mindset that allows you to achieve more and reach your greatest potential.

Angelina expresses how important it is not to be dictated by your emotions and shares how she helps people manage their thoughts and send limiting beliefs back into remission. She also explains the importance of thoughts, identity and putting things in perspective. You will get tons of insight into what it takes to be successful and how to let others in to assist you through mentorship or pushing you toward your goals.



  • Angelina’s background and what led her to where she is now.
  • The role mentorship played in her journey and why it is so important.
  • Four pivotal foundations of a winning mindset.
  • Why you should be challenging your beliefs.
  • What energy is and how it fits into your life.
  • The importance of clearing your environment of negative and unnecessary stuff.
  • Tactics to change limiting beliefs about yourself.
  • How to use meditation, visualization and affirmation to manage your beliefs.
  • The levels of change and how they impact you.
  • The importance of contributing and appreciation.
  • Mental tricks to think like a billionaire.
  • How to understand and use the resources available to you.

Previously published on thetoponepercent.com.

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