Write IN Your Journal; Live BY Your Journal

“The best time to begin keeping a journal is whenever you decide to.”
Hannah Hinchman

I used to think that journaling was just something you did to organize your thoughts or to reflect on emotional parts of the day. Boy was I wrong.

Powerful concept for today — Journal with more intention.

Recently since moving to the UAE I have become a journal animal. All I want to do each day is journal. I am an emotional wreck and scattered when I miss the opportunity each day to collect my thoughts and focus on my vision.

When I have blog ideas, I get them in my journal. When I am sitting alone with my thoughts, all I want to do is journal. When I was brainstorming my book ideas, I had them all in my journal. It has become an amazing habit that is helping me take my life to the next level.

I want to give you a powerful thought today:

Write IN Your Journal. Live BY Your Journal.

Let me explain..

Each day I write in my journal. It has become like a second Bible for me in that in continues to guide and direct my life as I organize my thinking in it’s pages each day. If I simply wrote IN my journal that would be good. But I want my journaling to be great so I live BY my journal each day.

For example, if I were to write out my proximal (short term) and distal (long term) goals in my journal and action steps to achieve those goals, to me it is not enough just writing them down and hoping that they become a reality.

It requires more intention than that.

It requires me to live BY my journal each day, week and month for the results I want.

My encouragement for you today is this. If you are currently not journaling each day, I recommend that you start journaling. It doesn’t have to be in depth or extravagant. Just let your hand guide the writing and your mind guide what you want to write. Keep it simple.

If you are currently journaling weekly, I want you to now journal daily. Make it a daily practice like showering or putting on your work clothes. Be highly intentional and focused on your thoughts each day.

If you are already journaling daily, amazing! I want you to now live BY your journaling more intentionally to begin to craft the life that you want. Your journal should go where you go; be ready to be written in at any time and it should provide the road map that you need both when you are crushing it and when you feel like you are having an off day and need to recalibrate your compass.

This post was previously published on Medium and is republished here with permission from the author.


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