Why We Chose BookShark for Our Homeschool

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If you are looking for a boxed curriculum that you are sure to love check out BookShark! There are so many reasons why we chose BookShark this year read on to see them all!

When I first started homeschooling it was through a cyber school that provided us with everything we needed down to pencils and paper. They had a boxed curriculum that they sent us and we followed the instructor’s guide and checked all the boxes.

It was perfect for a homeschool mom who was just starting out. It let me know that I was providing my then 2nd grader with all he needed to know and covering all the bases. As we progressed in our homeschool journey and I started teaching my second and third son too I started to have a more eclectic approach and piecing together our lessons from a variety of sources. That worked really well for my youngest through elementary school. We did a lot of exploring and hands-on learning, a lot of reading, and educational videos.

But as my youngest was entering middle school I wanted to find a program that included all that he needed to know. I wanted to make sure he was prepared for high school when the time came and that I wasn’t overlooking anything important.

So I began searching for a complete curriculum that would work for our family. There are so many choices out there that it can be overwhelming but I settled on BookShark and knew it would be a great fit.

So why did we choose BookShark?

#1- My son loves to read–  BookShark is a literature-based curriculum. That means that it comes with loads of books to read! My son loves to read so I knew it would be a great fit for him. Some of the books are also meant to be read alouds and we love reading together so I knew that would be a great part of our homeschool day. The books that BookShark has chosen offer a variety of perspectives of history so your child gets to see through the eyes of characters of different ages, sexes, and nationalities. Learning through stories and biographies is so much more interesting than a boring old history book.

#2-BookShark has a 4-day schedule– Bookshark has designed it’s lesson plans in a 4 day week which is perfect for flexibility. We do a lot of activities, field trips, classes, etc. so having a free day each week provides us the wiggle room to get school work done and keep up with everything else life throws our way.

#3- BookShark is secular–  We are secular homeschoolers and often that can be a challenge when choosing curriculum. Here’s what BookShark says about their curriculum, “BookShark does not espouse or oppose any faith. Our Science and History programs do not teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design theory. So BookShark may be better termed faith-neutral. BookShark leaves the teaching of the origins of life and matters of spirituality to the parents rather than promoting any particular viewpoint in the curriculum.” So BookShark is perfect for those of us who aren’t looking for faith-based lessons!

#4- BookShark focuses on levels not Grades– BookShark has levels rather than grades. What that means is that there is more of an age range so that you can pick what is best for your child. You can determine what level you want to use based on your child’s reading ability. Levels make it easier to identify where to start with your child and helps you choose what will be the best fit. BookShark has a guide for choosing levels as well as assessments that you can use to help choose what will work best for your child! Although I don’t have two kids using Bookshark, levels would be awesome if you have kids close in age because they could use the same level and you could tweak it to be easier or more challenging for each child.

#5 BookShark is all in one – Although I’ve had pretty great success with piecing together lessons it is so easy to have everything all organized together and ready to use! BookShark incorporates history with language arts beautifully so your child is getting two subjects covered at once! They also have a fun and through science curriculum, and you can choose which math you’d like to use, and even add in a handwriting program if you’d like. Everything is organized beautifully in the instructor’s guide so all you have to do is follow along!

There are so many reasons to love BookShark! These are really just the highlights! If you are looking for the right curicculm for your family hop on over and check out all they have to offer!

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