Why Thinking Of Home While Traveling Is A Good Thing

They say you should stop thinking about home when you’re traveling the world. Why waste time thinking about your normal life, when you’ve come so far, paid so much, to see what lies beyond? Although this makes a lot of sense, it doesn’t always bode well. You should enjoy your time abroad but it doesn’t have to be kept separate from your home life. It doesn’t bode well because it shut off your life back home while you’re in a strange place. Why do you have to live some kind of temporary double life? 


A virtual memory bank

Photo albums aren’t a thing of the past, more like a thing of the future. It’s true that hardly enough keeps physical photo albums but that’s because it’s moved online. There are a plethora of cloud-based services that you should be using. Free services such as Google Drive and Facebook are great but they aren’t dedicated like iDrive and iCloud. The latter type of services are purely for photos and videos, thus they offer a much larger cloud space. The balance is, you have to pay for such services. By no means do they bust the bank as iDrive costs around $70 a year for a whopping 5 terabytes. iCloud, on the other hand, costs $9.99 a month for 2 terabytes. They offer smaller services such as 200 gigabytes for just $2.99 a month. Bear in mind, you can access your photos and videos from any device, anywhere in the world. 

Take back a little style

What the great Victorian Era showed us, was that foreign objects as part of your travels should be given space in the home. Whatever kind of countries you’ve been to, why not bring something home from those cultures? If you were in a country like Singapore for example, and you saw a beautiful sofa or vase, you could use additional storage services to hold the items for you and then take them back home when you leave. You would be getting plenty of storage space, as much as a 3-bedroom house would need. 24-hour card and face-scanning technology are guarding your belongings so don’t worry if you’ve bought an expensive souvenir. If you want to buy an amazing painting while in France, you can use similar services to temporarily take hold of the item and retrieve it when you are about to fly back home. A little bit of style from the nation’s you have visited will fill your home with reminders that you were once an adventurer!

Being more appreciative

In this day and age, being appreciative of what you have is so rare. When you go and visit less well-off nations, you will be hit by the stark reality of your own living conditions. Some nations like Nigeria are amazing but saddled with economic woes. It’s good to remind yourself that you have a life that some people only wish they could have. Traveling is also about life experience and growing as a person.

Using storage services of the nation you’re visiting, will give you the ability to bring large items back home with you. If you see a lamp or table that you think would look great in your home, jump at the chance of buying it.

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