Why Marriage ‘Kills’ Sex!

Dr. Vibe speaks with a men’s coach who provides suggestions on how men can get more sex in marriage

Dr. Vibe speaks with Michael J. Durkin is an author, speaker and dedicated maniac committed to the strengthening of Men, Women, Families and the Planet. he is fan of putting the hot, seductive, alluring SEX back into Marriages where it belongs!

Dr. Vibe spoke with Mr. Durkin about why he feels that marriage kills sex.

During the conversation, Mr. Durkin talked about:

  • Some of his background including being adopted when he was born
  • When did men’s work become part of his journey and how a men’s group helped him after being divorced by his wife after seventeen years of marriage
  • How do men think about sex and how do women think about sex
  • Every man liking to be seduced
  • The questions in every woman’s soul “Am I beautiful? Am I valuable? Do you see me? Am I a valuable person?”
  • The man being responsible to be the proactive initiator of romance
  • Marriage is a high stakes game there is a lot to loss if you do it wrong
  • Most men are not being taught about romance
  • Marriage taking the chase out of sex
  • Love is a feeling, love is not a feeling for many men
  • Men need to know themselves first before they get married
  • Some of the challenges with marriage that men come to him with
  • The 97% rule for men in marriage
  • Men need to be generous with their words when they are speaking with women
  • “When you build an awesome family, you build an awesome community, when you build an awesome community you build an awesome country, when you build an awesome country, if you build an awesome you can actually heal the world.”
  • Some tactics for men that are married for improving their marriage
  • His wish for men


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