Why Even Urban Men Need Tactical Watches

Truth be told, we can very well check our phones to see what time it is. Thanks to new technology, however, watches can do a lot more than just tell us the time. Should you go for a military-style – also called “tactical” – timepiece, such a watch would need to offer functions used in military tasks. People working in the military have been using tactical watches for telling time, find direction, temperatures, depth, and altitude among others.

All this information is necessary to the military in their operations, affecting the success of their jobs. That doesn’t mean you need to be in the military to buy a tactical watch. We live in a time where being alert and ready to act is fundamental. Needless to say, an excellent tactical watch can help you stay safe. Talking about tactical watches makes perfect sense today. According to Atomic811.com, a website specialized in outdoor watch trends and reviews, the tactical watch market will only increase in the coming years. It is being fueled by the growing demand from younger consumers, who are more aware of smartphone technology. Companies like Casio and Timex invest continuously in R&D, putting new cool features in their watches, and keeping expectations up in a similar way with the smartphone market.

What are the most significant benefits of tactical watches?

For those of you who sit on the fence whether they should buy a tactical watch or not, here are the most important benefits of this kind of watches:

1. They’re reliable for synchronization

The majority of tactical watches are created with functions that ensure synchronization. Timing is essential and tricky to obtain when you need to work together with a high number of people.

The tactical watches are fundamental for helping professionals coordinate the efforts of team members. Even if you’re not working in the military, a tactical watch can help you synchronize everyone’s efforts so that success is obtained. If you’re working with several groups of works that require visual or audible contact, a tactical watch can make the difference.

2. They help with navigation

If you’re traveling a lot, a tactical watch can help you a lot. It can help you identify a specific location easily and fast. If accurate navigation is essential, a tactical watch with GPS is fundamental to buy.

The tactical watch is also helpful for outdoor activities, such as hiking. Many avid hikers wear tactical watches as they can give information on pressure, weather, and location. Knowing when a storm is coming or when the skies will clear out can make the difference for survival when you are in the middle of nowhere.

3. They can monitor your health

We live in stressful times, so keeping an eye on your heart-rate is always a good idea. A reliable tactical watch can also come with functions for monitoring your health. You can wear it while going to the gym or throughout the day to see how your heart is dealing with everyday stress.

What aspects matter the most when selecting a tactical watch?

Tactical watches are made for meeting the specific requirements of security forces and passionate sport frenzies. No tactical watch is perfect, but some features are fundamental for a tactical watch to be reliable.

Check out the fundamental aspects to look for in your next tactical timepiece:

1. Toughness and scratch resistance

An excellent tactical watch has to be functional even after it falls, rubs, or gets in contact with firm surfaces. Ideally, the crystal stays scratch-free, and reading the time should come easy after excessive use. It’s why you should never compromise on the materials of the watch.

Lens made of Sapphire is perfect, as sapphire is the most robust and most resistant to scratches mineral in the world. It’s not expensive either.

High-grade stainless steel is also a solid material, whereas polymer-plastic and ceramic are safe for allergy-prone customers.

It’s not only the materials that matter, but also manufacturing. The watch should be tested under extreme conditions so that it takes heavy-duty use.

2. Water and pressure resistance

ATM represents the amount of pressure a watch can take. For instance, a 3ATM watch takes pressure equivalent to pressure under 100ft (30M) of water. ATM isn’t related to depth, though. For example, the pressure in a shower can be higher than 3 ATM. If you plan to dive, a 5ATM resistant watch isn’t going to resist!

To play it on the safe side, look for a watchable the takes at least 10ATM, so no water comes inside of it.

3. Precision

It makes no sense to have a watch that isn’t accurate, especially if you need it for coordinating your moves with others. Some professionals state that mechanical watches are fashionable, but they may not always be highly reliable. The Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute says that an automatic watch remains accurate if it doesn’t drift by more than 6 seconds a day. Additionally, mechanical watches are more delicate when it comes to shocks and heat.

4. Luminescent hands/digits are great

Some tactical watches feature a “lights on” button, but many militaries know that’s not very helpful when having to work 24 hours straight. Being able to read the watch in complete darkness is essential, especially if you don’t need to press another button. When you’re hiking, skiing, walking, or fishing, you want to make no efforts in reading the watch. Therefore, look for tactical watches that come with luminescent hands or digits.

5. Anti-reflective PVD coating

It’s not mandatory, but maybe your job requires you to be as discrete as possible. If that’s the case for you, you should look for a watch with the non-metallic band. The metal elements should also be coated with dark or black plating to reduce glare.

PVD is a high-end coating method that leads to a long-lasting and scratch-resistant covering. It uses any inorganic material for coating and high-quality non-reflective materials.

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Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

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