When Do You Go For Individual Therapy?

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is something that you engage in when you want to take care of your personal mental health. You’ll see a therapist either in person or online, and you’ll talk about your life struggles and challenges. There are certain kinds of therapy where you’ll focus on your childhood and things that happened in the past. There are other kinds of therapy that are more focused on the present rather than the past. It depends on what your goal is for therapy as to what kind of therapy you’ll want to pursue. Individual therapy is a person-to-person connection where you can talk about issues surrounding self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, mental health, or really, anything else that’s going on in your life.

When do you seek individual therapy?

If you find that there are issues that are interfering with your daily life functioning, that is a sign that it’s a good time to seek individual therapy. Maybe, you’re having symptoms of depression such as sleeping too little or too much. Perhaps you have panic attacks or anxiety to the point where you’re struggling to complete your everyday responsibilities. It’s one thing to talk to a friend, but you can’t rely on friendship alone to help you work through these obstacles. Talking to a therapist can provide clarity on these issues, assist you in finding solutions, and help you learn coping skills. The great thing about individual therapy is that it’s specifically focused on you. A friendship is a two-sided relationship where balanced give and take is necessary for a healthy connection, but therapy is a place where you can see someone unbiased who is there solely to focus on what you’re there to work on. You may feel stuck in certain patterns in your life, but change is possible. Therapy can help you function better at school, work, and in your personal relationships.

Fear of going to therapy

Some people are afraid of going to therapy because they fear that it makes them “crazy,” or because there’s a stigma surrounding it that makes them fear the chance that someone might find out that they’re seeking help through therapy. Going to therapy doesn’t make you crazy; in fact, it’s one of the sanest things you can do for yourself because you’re taking your mental health into your hands, and you’re looking to better your quality of life. Therapy can help with so many different things depending on your goals.

Therapy can help you cope with life challenges

Therapy can help with issues surrounding depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger issues, relationship problems, and interpersonal or familial issues. Depending on the specific item that you’re hoping to focus on in therapy, you can decide what to talk about with your therapist and what kind of therapy to pursue. Therapy is not something that is going to transform your life overnight; the changes that occur alongside therapy are gradual. You can’t just see a therapist one time and know that everything will be “solved.” Instead, it’s a process.

Getting Homework

Some therapists will give you homework so that you can work on different patterns that you’re experiencing in life that aren’t helping you. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a type of therapy that helps you learn to change your thoughts so that your feelings change in response. CBT is a form of therapy that’s paired with a lot of homework. Whatever form of therapy you choose, whether it’s individual therapy or something else, you can get the help that you need. Sometimes, you won’t quite understand what you’re going to therapy for, and that’s okay. Perhaps, you only know the symptoms you’re experiencing and haven’t gotten to the root of those symptoms yet.

When you don’t know why you need help

Perhaps you’re struggling in life and don’t know what’s behind those challenges. It’s a great time to seek therapy because a therapist can help you focus and figure out what’s blocking you in life and develop strategies to deal with those issues. Whether you seek help from a therapist in your local area or online, therapy is a great way to focus on the problems you’re experiencing, gain clarity on them, and come to solutions so that your life improves.

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