What you need to know about Kamikoto blade

Choosing the best kitchen knife for use is one of the most crucial things you can ever do. You need to have the right type of knife to prepare food. Hence, the shape, material, and construction types can make a huge difference between preparing the kind of food that people may like or not. This post shares with you the type of knives available on the market and how to choose the best one. 

Shape of knives

Most cutting tasks require you to use different types of knives. You cannot do much without a proper knife. So, the design and quality of the knives should be great to make sure that you complete the kitchen tasks. Choosing the right model of the knife is something you should consider carefully. Below are three knives that are important for kitchen use:

Chef’s knife

This is a multi-purpose knife that you can use to chop vegetables, slice meat, cut up a chicken, mincing garlic, and much more. It’s usually a large knife and versatile and comes in various lengths of between 5 and 10 inches. The longer the knife, the better the cutting space. You also need a knife with a good balance and easy to hold in your hands.

Utility knife

This small knife of 2 to 4 inches is suitable for finer kitchen tasks, such as mincing herbs, cutting small vegetables or trimming the fat from pieces of meat. To get better versatility, you should choose longer utility knives.

Serrated knife

A serrated knife is long measuring between 9 and 10 inches. This knife is handy when it comes to cutting bread, cutting soft fruits, slicing roasts, and cutting soft fruits and vegetables. Most serrated knives don’t need resharpening, making it easier to maintain.  

Types of construction

Many people are confused by the many terms used to describe the construction of knives. Here are some types of construction that you will find on the market:

  • Forged knives. These knives are regarded as the best because they are heavy, well-balanced, durable, and hold a sharp edge for long. They are made up of pieces of metal that are molded using extreme heat to shape them. 
  • A stamped knife. Made from a flattened sheet of steel, this knife is flexible and lighter. 
  • The tang. The tang is the metal part of the knife that comes out of the handle. Knives with a full tang are well-balanced and the handle is heavy. This gives such knives stability and you can control the knife pretty well.

Metals and materials

Most reputable brands pride themselves on the proprietary formula of materials they use to produce the knives. One such brand is Kamikoto which manufactures handcrafted knives. These high-quality utility knives are durable, hold an edge, resist staining and pitting, and many more. 

If you’re serious about getting functional knives for your kitchen, perhaps Kamikoto knives are your best option. All the blades of these knives are made up of pure Japanese steel. You can use these knives to chop and slice a variety of foods.

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