What Should You Know And Check Before Hiring a Resume Writer?

Not all of us are good at writing documentation, and a resume is the same document as any other paper report, and it should be clearly structured and well-designed. The best solution to have a professionally written resume is to hire a dedicated writer who specializes in this sphere. But there is another question: how to choose a trusted professional? In this article, we invite you to get acquainted with the main points that you should pay attention to before hiring a resume author. By reading them you will be able to get your perfect resume and be sure that you will make a good impression on the HR.

1. Trustworthy data.

In the modern world, you can find anything on the Internet and offer yourself as a professional in any area without even having the necessary knowledge and skills. To avoid such a situation, you should pay attention to the qualification of your chosen writer. Ideally, it should demonstrate the techniques that he uses. Also, it is good if the writer has a blog with tips on how he does his work. Check all the possible online resume service reviews to decide where to find your professional author. You should also look at what organization your author works and decide if you can trust his experience.

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2. Success with previous clients

In addition to the blog or site, your resume author has, you should also pay attention to his social pages on professional networks, such as LinkedIn. There you need to look for information about your writers’ experience with clients, for how long the writer is in this specific field, where he has acquired skills from and whether he has satisfied clients. To do this, read the reviews and then decide whether you should hire this resume writer or not.

3. Determined price

Do not be afraid to ask about the price, check the list of services and how much they cost. Remember that it is quite strange when an author works for free, but very high prices are also not normal.

Keep in mind, for example, that the price of a resume for more than one page will cost more than one page. Prices should be shown on the site immediately, not written to each potential customer separately.

If the scheme of working with the author becomes complicated because of the uncertainty of the price, then you should think about whether you need such a professional. In fact, all prices must be set in advance and specify how much you should pay for what service.

4. Certification or experience?

Before hiring an author for a great hospitality resume, for example, you should indicate your hospitality resume skills and learn as much as possible about the writing skills of this professional. Many people want to see some certificates here. This is logical, but does a good author always have a certificate of completion of relevant courses? No. But having a certificate is always a big bonus.

Here you can see a list of the most common writing certificates:

– Certified Professional Resume Writer – this certificate used to be easy to obtain, but now the requirements for the course have increased significantly.

– Academy Certified Resume Writer – the main one here is the investment of a “student” so the author with this certificate doesn’t need to be a professional, perhaps he just received the distinction because it is paid.

Remember, the most important thing for your author is experience. Experience does not mean that the author necessarily has to have hundreds of resumes written, the main thing is that his clients are satisfied and can confirm the professionalism of the writer.

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5. Experience in your future career?

Of course, that would be nice, but not necessary. Why? Because you are looking for a professional resume author. He does not have to be a manager, developer or musician, he must be able to write and structure your CV, write the necessary materials and identify your strengths in order to put the right emphasis on them.

6. What questions should be asked?

In order to finally understand whether your future resume writer is right for you, you need to talk to him in person. He should understand your goals, needs and your benefits for a particular job. In turn, you should ask as many questions as possible to see the author’s qualifications. Here are some of them:

– How long have you been working in this field?

– In what areas have you written resumes?

– Do you have any feedback from your customers? Where can I read them?

– Do you only do resume writing? Can you write a portfolio for the site, for example?

– How much time do you usually spend writing one standard resume?

– Do you use programs for spelling and grammar checking in resumes? Which one? Do you check your work for plagiarism?

– Is there a price gradation based on the quality of the resume a client wants?

– Do you belong to any professional union of resume authors?

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7. Get a warranty

Do not worry, you will definitely find a resume writing service that can meet your needs by showing you as a professional in your resume. You can check the finished work on the standard structures of CV writing and make sure that everything is done qualitatively.

Avoid services that overestimate your skills. Of course, this may be flattering, but it may have a bad effect on your employers’ perceptions during the interview. Be honest.


 Carefully evaluate several resume writing services and their professionals to make sure that you make the right choice. Your communication with the CV author should be easy and enjoyable, so the job will be fun for both you and the author.

You should not be shy about hiring a professional to write your resume. Sometimes this is the most difficult part of finding a job and not everyone is able to structure their CV well. The main thing is the result. And this article will help you identify the main points before finding a professional resume writer.

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