What Men Want In A Relationship – 8 Needs He Has A Hard Time Telling You

What Men Want In A Relationship

Any relationship can get difficult if either of the partners does not know how the other feels. Women usually express their emotions easily – be it love, anger, or discontent. But men often struggle with giving words to their feelings. They might know what they want in a relationship but will find it hard telling it like it is to their partner. So, to help the menfolk out, here are a few things your man expects in his relationship but is having a hard time telling you.

1. He Wants To Know If You Are Proud Of Him

Wants To Know If You Are Proud Of Him

Call it chivalry or what you will, but men like to make their women proud. Your man knows that gaining your appreciation every time is not realistic. But, he’ll still strive to get that look of pride in your eyes. While he might understand some subtle hints, a verbal appreciation from you works wonders for his self-esteem.

2. He Wants You To See Him In Good Light

He Wants You To See Him In Good Light

His image in your eyes matters a lot to your man. It is common for couples to get into petty quarrels or say harsh words during one. However, despite all the bad that he does, he still hopes that you’ll hold a good opinion about him. He might have disappointed you with his behavior in the past, but do give him a fair second chance to change that.

3. He Wants You To Let Go

He Wants You To Let Go

Whenever couples quarrel, women often have the last word. Reason – they remember everything in minute details. But that does not happen with men. You may be right and he might be at fault. But only you have the power to step back, take a deep breath and reanalyze the situation. Holding on to and arguing about it will only create further fissures in your relationship. So, try and let go of things as much as you can.

4. He Does Not Want You To Focus On His Flaws – Always!

You To Focus On His Flaws - Always

It’s easy to focus on your man’s mistakes because there could be too many or they stand out like a sore thumb. But then, no one’s perfect, not even you. So, instead of pinpointing your guy’s flaws or nagging him about it, try focusing on things he’s good at. It’s a diversion in the best interest of your relationship.

5. He Needs Reassurance That He Is A Good Dad

Needs Reassurance That He Is A Good Dad

Let’s admit it – men do get sidelined after becoming parents. Their role is usually not a focus of discussion as it pales in comparison to what a new mother would have endured. But the fact remains that men can have their own frustrations and nervousness in their journey toward fatherhood. Will I make a good father? Will the baby be safe with me? – questions like these will bother your man to no end. Talk to your husband and reassure him that he is making good progress as a father and makes for a nice dad!

6. He Needs Some Me-Time Too

He Needs Some Me-Time Too

You might often get annoyed with those late nights he has with his friends. Or when he leaves you home and goes on a long drive all by himself. This is because he needs an outlet for himself too. Then again, being together doesn’t mean spending every waking hour looking at each other, right?

7. He Likes Being Complimented For His Looks

Being Complimented For His Looks

If you thought only women love to be complimented, then this will surely come as a surprise. Men love to be complimented for their looks too. It’s just that your man will never tell you for the fear of being judged as vain. So next time he dresses up for an occasion, make sure you compliment him.

8. He Loves It When You Need Him

He Loves It When You Need Him

Your man loves you to bits. He values your independence too. But once in a while, he likes to know that you need him. Whether it’s the bulb that needs to be changed or simply letting out some steam, just call him and pour it out. You’ll be surprised to know that he actually listens!

Have some of these things come as a revelation to you? Now that you know this new side to your man, it’s time for you to surprise him now!

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