What Does The Furniture Say About A Hotel?

There are differences between hotels, each hotel has its own unique ambiance. One thing that sets apart the top of the line luxury hotels from the rest of the hospitality industry is the luxury hotel furniture that is used to furnish the guestrooms and the lobbies. Furniture is one of the many things guests physically experience during their time at a hotel; it is the mainstay of how comfortable a guest’s experience is at the inn. Here are some things you can deduce about the hotel just by looking at the furniture. 

The first thing you might look at when you enter the hotel is a sofa or chairs that are placed along the reception walls, for guests to sit if they are waiting; your first impression about the hotel after entering the building is this furniture placed in the lobbies and waiting areas. When you look at these furnishings, you might know immediately what type of furniture you’re expecting to have in your room. The feeling that customers have about a particular hotel is hugely driven from the comfort they experience during their stay at the hotel and this comfort is provided by the quality of furniture. Comfort coupled with elegance is what makes an assemblage of wood and upholstery, luxury furniture. 

All five-star hotels change and update their furniture regularly. The style of the lobby furniture and sitting areas is always kept changed to the latest designs and technology. This furniture is always of the best material and build-quality. Modular furniture is trending in top hotels today as hotels can utilize the versatility of this furniture to serve a lot more purposes than conventional furniture; hoteliers are able to quickly change the setting of the room for a season or to keep up with the latest trend.

There is a clear difference between a hotel which has old and worn-out furniture and one with the best, modern furnishings. One of these differences is the revenue these hotels make: A hotel with clean quality furniture is one that customers prefer visiting and of course with more visitors, comes greater revenue. A hotel that has a greater revenue should be preferred by customers as it is more likely to provide a better lodging experience to its guests as it has a greater amount of money to invest in better customer service. To put this briefly, if you see good furniture, expect good service in other departments too. 

A hotel that uses wooden furniture holds a different style statement than a hotel that focuses on non-wooden furniture. Wooden furniture looks more conventional and suits the classic old style. If you see premium wood finishes such as the metallic silver or the cerused brown oak, know that the hotel keeps premium luxury furniture. The fabric of the sofa you may sit on will give you another important message. You will easily be able to differentiate between the quality of fabrics used in premium and ordinary furniture just by feeling it. 

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