What are the Critical Areas You Need to Focus on During the End of Tenancy Cleaning

The end of tenancy cleanings is not a simple task, though it’s necessary. It can drain you physically and emotionally, especially if you are not prepared for the task. Regardless of this limitation, you ought to be cautious on how you conduct your cleaning so that you don’t end up in conflicts with your landlord or the agent

In this regard, this guide provides you with details about some of the critical areas you need to focus on to achieve your goal and avoid conflicts with your landlord.

Main House Cleaning- Walls, Windows, and Doors

Windows and doors are the face of the home; they give a particular picture to the visitors according to how you have maintained them. As it is always advised to maintain the cleanliness of the front part of the house, it also fair to do the same while conducting the end of tenancy cleaning.

The agent inspecting the house will first lay their eyes on the doors, windows, and the walls. Therefore, you need to put extra effort into cleaning these areas, make sure there are no flaws. To do a thorough cleaning on the windows, you can tie a piece of fiber on a long broom to reach the top of the windows, but if you have a ladder the best.

Focus on the least attended areas during your stay there. You can do the cleaning yourself, or you can hire a professional cleaner. While cleaning the walls, use a soft fiber to avoid scraping off the paint as this might result in extra charges.

Kitchen, Especially the Corners

The kitchen is an area that can accumulate the most dirt and grime as a result of cooking, storing food, and deposing kitchen waste. A higher percentage of household waste comes from the kitchen. It is, therefore, advisable to pay keen attention while cleaning the kitchen. The areas you need to focus on include

  • The kitchen sink
  • The hob
  • Kitchen corners
  • Oven
  • Countertops

The end of tenancy cleaning is different from the normal cleaning you carry on routine. Dirt can accumulate over time without noting; you need to remove all dirt and grime that has accumulated over time.

You need equipment such as non-scratch scourers and some special detergents for kitchen cleaning. You can use some elbow grease to clean the hob. Oven cleaning is also essential, especially the corners if you can manage it, you can always seek assistance from a professional. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen corners and the countertops to remove the accumulated dirt.


A bathroom can be the dirtiest place in the house if not well maintained; thus, it requires keen attention during the end of tenancy cleaning. There are a couple of cleaning solutions out there that will help you to restore the bathroom tiles to their original color and avoid conflicts with your landlord.

Some of the areas you need to focus on during bathroom cleaning include floor and side tiles, washbasin, toilet, exhaust vents, shower, and sinks. You can prepare a homemade vinegar solution with water and witness it working magic. You don’t have to exaggerate.

The space covered by the carpet

A house furnished with a stylish carpet is always captivating to the eyes; however, the area covered by the carpet might not be looking the same. In this case, you need to attend to this area thoroughly while moving out. Your cleaning should be focused on removing stains on the floor, dust particle, and sometimes discoloration based on the nature of the carpet. You need to give that carpet a thorough cleaning during your stay and at the end of tenancy.

Finally, don’t forget to attend to the garden or lawn, make sure to mower the lawn, weed the flowers, and dispose of the garbage appropriately and clean the garbage bins. After finishing your cleaning, check whether everything is in order before the landlord or the agent come for the inspection.

If you are not an expert in cleaning or you are not sure whether you can do it thoroughly, it’s always wise to hire a professional and experienced cleaning agency.

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