What Are The Benefits Of Having A Second Child?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Second Child

At some point during labor or the first few weeks of motherhood, you might have decided never to do this again. But now after several months, years, or even a decade later, you are starting to think of expanding your family. While some people are content with just one child, others might be looking for more. And there’s no right or wrong way here. Deciding to have another child is a huge decision. And something that requires a lot of thinking and discussion. But if you are in two minds about it, here we list down the benefits of adding another little munchkin to your clan.

1. A Forever Friend

Forever Friend

It may not be true in every sibling relationship, but there are chances that having another child ensures your kids are never lonely. No matter how close we are to the kids, the age difference and the parent factor can sometimes make it hard for our kids to share everything with us. But having a sibling means you always have someone by your side you can confide in.

2. They Will Look Out For Each Other

They Will Look Out For Each Other

You may not always be around to help or protect your child. By having a brother or sister, your child will always have someone who has their back and looks out for them.

3. It Gets Easier The Second Time

Gets Easier The Second Time

Though you cannot compare your first pregnancy to your second, you at least have an idea of what all you can expect your second time around. And many parents feel it’s easier the second time when you know what to expect and feel more confident in your role as a new parent.

4. You Get To Experience The Feeling Of A New Mom…Again!

Experience The Feeling Of A New Mom

Do you miss the warmth of holding a newborn in your arms or carrying the baby in a sling? Having a second child will allow you to experience it all over again. Yes, you are going to relive those sleep-deprived days, but we promise it’s going to be worth it.

5. Your Child Learns To Share

Your Child Learns To Share

Being the only child, there are certain things a kid is not used to. One such concept is sharing. Whether it is toys, books, clothes, bedroom, or even wardrobe space, siblings will learn to share their stuff very early on in life. And though it can be very frustrating at times, and may even lead to some nasty fights, they will realize not everything is about them.

6. More Spare Time For Mommy

More Spare Time For Mommy

You might think having a second child is double the work and responsibility, but that’s not always the case. You may not have to constantly be their play buddy or their problem solver. Your children will have each other to keep themselves occupied and even gossip or bicker about their school mates. In short, they will keep each other entertained.

7. Less Expensive

Less Expensive

There will be the added expense of a new child, but it won’t be like the first time. Your second child will have all the hand-me-downs from the first – baby crib, clothes, feeding chair, diaper bag, etc. You will only need to bear the cost of new diapers and formula milk if you are planning to formula feed your baby.

8. Your Child Will Learn Some Valuable Lessons

Child Will Learn Some Valuable Lessons

Just like learning to share, your kid will also learn about social interactions and resolving a conflict by sharing life with their sibling. Spending time with their sibling, your kid will learn about compassion, empathy, and love. What more do you need?

The decision of having a second child can be influenced by several other factors. You have to take your financial situation, family dynamics, and your health into consideration, to name a few. And the decision also depends on your own relationship with your siblings or the lack of it. Whatever you decide, having a second child is never a decision you are going to regret when you see those tiny little hands and feet.

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