Ways To Keep Your Pregnancy Under Wraps As Long As Possible

Pregnancy Under Wraps

As soon as you get the big news, you are stuck with one thought. To tell or not to tell? While some like to share the news with the world, others like to keep it low key as long as they can. Why? There are a few reasons. Some women like to keep their pregnancy a secret in the first trimester because of miscarriage risks. Others keep it relatively quiet if they are dealing with a lot of complications. And some prefer to share it only with their close ones as they don’t want all the unwanted attention and advise that comes with it. Whatever your reason may be, here are ways you can keep the news under wraps for as long as you can.

“I Have A Dental Appointment”

Have A Dental Appointment

Pregnancy and doctor’s appointments go hand in hand. For all the scans and antenatal appointments, you need a good excuse to tell your friends, colleagues, or even your boss. Tell them you are undergoing some major dental work which requires frequent visits to the dentist. This way you won’t have to come up with different excuses every time you visit your gyno.

Keep Your Hands Away From Your Belly

Hands Away From Your Belly

Pregnant women generally have a tendency to keep their hands on their belly. Some do it more frequently than others. Maybe it’s the maternal instinct. Constantly touching your belly will draw more attention to that area that will make people start wondering the obvious. So, make a conscious effort to not touch your belly when you are with people you don’t want to share the news with.

Come Up With A Good Excuse For Your Diet And Lifestyle Changes

Excuse For Your Diet And Lifestyle Changes

You will be making a whole lot of changes to your diet and lifestyle once you become pregnant. After all, you want what’s best for your baby. And that means giving up alcohol, smoking, cutting down on caffeine, and eating a healthy nutritious diet. People can easily catch on your little secret if you don’t play it right. So if you are giving up caffeine, say that you are finding it hard to sleep at night, so your doctor suggested reducing your coffee intake. And if you are out partying, pretend that you are drinking your beer because nobody is going to notice if you are actually drinking or not. If you are not able to come up with a good excuse to avoid a particular food or beverage, simply tell them that you are on a detox diet.

Dress The Part

Dress The Part

Your growing bump can easily give away your little secret even if you do all the other things right. So, make sure you choose the right outfit to camouflage the baby bump. Instead of going for typical maternity clothes, wear your usual clothes in a bigger size. Loose outfits can easily hide your belly as it grows bigger. Pair an oversized T-shirt with jeans or wear a loose maxi dress. Another way to do it is to layer up. Layering will not only hide your baby bump, but it also helps you to look more stylish. You can wear an oversized denim jacket, a camel coat or throw on a cardigan so that it doesn’t look monotonous. Another great tip is to wear dresses with ruffles on them that will conceal your growing bump.

Carry A Big Bag

Carry A Big Bag

Big bags will be your new bestie in the third trimester. Not only are they great to hide your baby bump, but you will also have enough room to carry all that you need while traveling, including some snacks and water. You can strategically place them in front of your baby bump so that nobody notices your secret. You can also pair it with a nice scarf to accessorize the whole look.

Most importantly, remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation if you are not ready to share the news yet. So, don’t panic and spill the beans if someone seems suspicious. Just enjoy your pregnancy and make the big announcement when you feel it is time and you are absolutely confident about it.

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