Viral Video of Firefighter Giving Daughter a Pedicure is What We Needed to See Today

Just when we thought the internet couldn’t come up with anything cuter, well, feast your eyes on this viral video of a New York firefighter giving his 9-month-old daughter a pedicure. We never want to look away!

FDNY Firefighter Jimmy Howell of Queens posted one of the sweetest father-daughter moments we’ve ever seen on Instagram (or anywhere!) In the two-minute video, he talks little Kensley through a pedicure during their adorable “spa time.”

“We’re gonna take care of these dogs, alright?” Jimmy says. “I can tell you’ve been crawling.” It’s almost too much as he kisses her little feet.

When she resists, he even says, “I’m sorry if I’m rubbing too hard.”

“It’s free. Beggars can’t be choosers, you heard?” Jimmy says. LOL. The smiles and giggles were enough to make us watch it twice. Or three or four times.

In case you didn’t get enough of little Kensley, don’t worry—she has her own Instagram account. Yeah, it made our day, too.

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