Unlock Your Precious Heart

To the parts of you that fear being seen.

Come with me.
I will free you.
Lead you home.

Be your beacon.
Be your light.
I will see you.

Who speaks?
When you go deep into your heart…
When you touch the place within…
Where you are no longer willing to hide?

When your heart aches to be heard…
When you withhold your precious you…
From your beloved, from the world, from yourself?

Who speaks?
When you come out of the dark…
When you feel what you’ve feared…
When you let down your guard?

When you depart from answers…
When you trust pain as a guide…
From the beyond?

When you risk?
When you open?
When you are there for you?

Come out, timid you.
Be seen. Just this once.
This is not a trick.

I have been waiting for you.
I am an ally, a friend, a lover.
A beacon of light.

I am you.
You are me.
We’ve always been.

In the air of our lungs.
In the oxygen we breathe.
In the life force of “we.”

You stay connected to you.
I to me.
And together we’ll know.

It’s good to come home
To the parts of us
That we’ve locked up for so long.

It’s good to come home to you, my beloved.

Inspired by my past week spent at Planet Bluegrass’ “The Song School” in Lyons, CO, a songwriting retreat and multi-day workshop.  

For four days, 175 of us shared our love of music and songwriting. We did it together, supporting one another in our collective passion. For many of us, it felt like home. 

A place stripped of ego, competition, and judgment. A place without concern for — Who’s got an audience? Who’s making it?

We relaxed into a community of fellow human beings. We forged relationships that may have otherwise been obstructed. We came home to ourselves and one another.

Previously Published on stuartmotola.com


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