Unboxing Review!: Razor Crazy Cart Shift!

Jojo’s self-shot & directed unboxing review features Razor’s Best of ToyFair 2020 amazing new Crazy Cart Shift!

The Crazy Cart Shift is a terrific real drifting go-kart for kids 6+ up to 120 lbs! It features a variable speed foot pedal accelerator, parent-controlled high/low-speed shift switch, a robust, high-torque hub motor that goes up to 8mph(13km/h), 12-volt battery with 40 minutes runtime!

When this HUGE box arrived from Razor, Jojo was excited to get a feel for what the new @razorworldwide #crazycartshift could do!


Crazy Cart Shift was designed with younger kids in mind. They drive, spin, and drift like never before! We found it fun for riders of all skill-levels, the max weight is 120lbs (her older brother squeaked by). Crazy Cart Shift starts as a fun spin session and with practice, a solid drifting experience as riders master the controls.

Crazy Cart Shift has an arrow indicator on the wheel which lets the driver know the direction of acceleration, with practice, this simplified drift system automatically engages, so that riders can keep both hands on the wheel while focusing on steering and throttle control.


The Crazy Cart Shift is powered by Razor’s proprietary Power Core hub motor, – a maintenance-free drivetrain system that is both powerful and efficient.

In real-world applications, it remanded robust enough to power uphill at about a 30-degree incline in our local playground, even after a long spin/drift riding session on the blacktop.

After the initial 12 hour charge, we found the motor would last far longer than the listed 40 minutes of run time. We could squeeze an average of 120 minutes on flat even pavement.

I was personally impressed the powerful little motor could push the durable caster wheels over uneven sidewalks and occasional divots without much strain at all.


A hidden top speed control switch allows parents to select the appropriate maximum speed for their child:  2.5 mph (4 km/h) for beginners and younger drivers or 8 mph (13 km/h) for the full Crazy Cart Shift experience!

The Crazy Cart Shift’s frame is constructed of a high-impact polymer which makes the Cart both durable and lightweight. Ergonomic integral carrying candles are carved on the right and left sides for easy transport. It fits nicely in the trunk of our SUV and even Jojo could safely remove and stow the Crazy Cart Shift during our product test.

Crazy Cart Shift Blue/Black


  • Max speed 2.5 mph (LOW setting) 8 mph (HIGH setting) Battery life Up to 80 mins (LOW setting) Up to 40 mins (HIGH setting) Ages 6 and up (LOW setting) 8 and up (HIGH setting) Max weight

Features & details

  • Simplified drift system; automatically engages rear end drifts so that drivers can keep both hands on the wheel at all times while focusing on steering and throttle control; just like the professionals
  • 1:1 steering ratio; Ultimate steering responsiveness for performance driving
  • Fixed incline, rear caster wheels; Provide the right balance of drive vs. drift
  • Power Core Hub Motor; Maintenance-free system that eliminates chains, sprockets, tensioners, and the upkeep that such parts require
  • Recommended for ages 6 and up in “LOW” speed setting, 8 years and up in “HIGH” speed setting; supports riders up to 120 pounds (54 kg)


Jojo LOVES the Crazy Cart Shift! We think your young driver will too! Remember to ALWAYS wear a helmet (not included). The Razor Crazy Cart Shift is a head-turner for the neighborhood kids and a fun outdoor activity! It’s safe, surprisingly robust, easy to learn & operate and at an attractive price point at $199.99 for such a powerful, feature-filled, and fun to drive little go-kart!

Available NOW at major retailers, or hit the amazon prime link for free shipping below!

Art Credit – Razor World Wide / Johanna Yarde / Author

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