Top Fitness Apps To Keep Exercising During Lockdown

Home workout has become a way of life for many people around the globe due to worldwide lockdown introduced by Governments from all around the globe because of COVID-19. People have now resorted to mobile applications to keep themselves fit and healthy.

So far, the process of working out from home is good and has replaced gyms as these apps have included various technology that lets people exercise without any fuss from the comfort of their homes.

There are multiple apps that can vouch to be the best and serve as your all-time favorite but only a few of them are promising enough.

Let’s talk in a statistical way to know what impact these apps can create and are creating.

  • According to Flurry Analytics, 96% of fitness app users stay loyal to only one fitness app throughout their lifetime while 25% of users open these apps more than 10 times a week.
  • Workout and weight loss apps are very popular and account to ¾ of health and fitness sessions.
  • It’s been noted that summers receive 24% higher app usage. And holidays see significantly fewer activities.

With that being said, let’s explore the best fitness apps that you can use to get into shape and boost your stamina.

Top 5 Fitness Apps To A Healthy Lifestyle

These fitness apps are a promising one and can surely yield good results out of you and help you achieve your desired health goal even during the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s take a closer look at these apps:

  • HomeWorkout App

If you wish to have a personal trainer guiding you throughout your workout then this app is just for you. With home workout app you can get into shape easily and watch videos posted by top professional trainers or see the app’s animated assistance. The app provides 3 levels of fitness that you can follow which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Not only this, but you can also join fun challenges and test your fitness for yourself. This fitness app also picks out the best workout sessions for you which you can explore in the discover section of the app. Focus on each body part and get rid of stubborn fat.

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  • MyFitnessPal

A calorie counter and diet tracker app will surely become your pal once you try it out. MyFitnessPal has received recognition from colossal organizations like NY Times, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, etc. This app has one of the biggest food databases that you can look up to and get delicious food recipes that are healthy. Log every activity that you do in a day and connect it with multiple devices and track your success effectively. MyFitnessPal has its own community that you can join and share your tips and tricks to achieve a healthy body.

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Tracking everything down is important and when talking about getting healthy, counting your calories wisely can help you reach your goal effectively. Lose It! helps you get through all the fuss and tracks everything from food to exercises for you seamlessly.

The app has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. CNET, Buzzfeed, and more. Lose it! Has helped its members lose 80= million pounds of weight. This tracker app understands your habits completely before formulating a plan for you after insightful research Lose It! Plan out meals for you and set targets.

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For exception workout sessions you can easily rely on SOTKA app. This app is unique as it is a First every fitness education app that not only allows you to embark on a fitness journey but gives you knowledge of everything that you will be following during our workout sessions.

SOTKA plans out a 1oo day workout for you introducing 3 big theory blocks. Each block offers its own set of functions. Check your progress every day and see effective results after the completion of 100 days.

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Analyzation of your workout sessions can prove to be very beneficial for you as there are certain things that need attention and observation. With Strava, your process of inspecting your daily fitness regimen can be facile.

Happening to have the world’s largest trail network, get new routes with Strava push yourself to work hard. The app posts monthly challenges that you can be a part of. Every kind of workout from swimming to surfing can be tracked down with Strava effectively. 

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These fitness apps are surging in popularity every day and according to a report, fitness market size is set to make a profit of over $15.96 billion by 2026.

As ventures are recognizing growth in the demand for fitness apps, they while picking app developers for Android or iOS, have been able to serve applications that are interactive and have an engaging UI.

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