Thoughtful Parents Surprise Downstairs Neighbors With Apology Gift from Their Loud Kids

A user on Reddit recently realized just how meaningful it is when you’re patient with disruptive children and their parents.

MTotallySober lives in an apartment with his wife in New York City. Their upstairs neighbors have two kids “that consistently stomp and roughhouse.” The OP and his wife, however, haven’t given the family a tough time “because NYC isn’t exactly a place you can let them run around wild outside.”

As it turns out, the OP and his wife’s sympathy didn’t go unnoticed. Recently, they were surprised to find a gift from said neighbors, which the OP posted about to the HumansBeingBros subreddit.

Hanging outside their door was a bottle of wine in wrapping paper, a drawing from the kids with a message saying, “I’m sorry for stomping on your floor,” and another message from the parents saying, “This is long overdue. We will keep trying to be quieter.”

The heartwarming story, which quickly grew in popularity and ended up on Reddit’s front page within hours, is proof that even though parents might not always express it, many truly are thankful when strangers are understanding.

As the OP revealed in a comment, this isn’t the first time the neighbors told them how badly they felt. “The mother would see me in the elevator and apologize profusely and I’d tell her that it was alright. She’d always refute it wasn’t but then I’d see the boys in the elevator on some days and they’d get shy until I’d break the ice. Knowing I was the dude that was hearing all the stomping and screaming, I think it put things into perspective and it hasn’t been as bad at least a year after we’ve lived here. 😂”

Also in the comments section, many praised the compassionate neighbor for how he handled things. “Your understanding and patience makes me happy. I have two kids and one of the worst feelings is not being able to prevent them from bothering other people sometimes. Kids are kids and especially when they’re very young, restricting them all the time can end in a screaming fit and I don’t know which is worse. You’re kind people and you were rewarded for it. Nice to see,” wrote user Rineth.

“It’s a beautiful thing when adults handle things like adults. It’s an even more beautiful thing when adults bring other adults adult beverages. Cheers to having aware neighbors who aren’t intentionally trying to be assholes like so many others!” commented user thatknifegirl.

Replying to the praise, he joked that considering how “indomitable” the younger one’s screaming is, “The parents are the real heroes. 😃”

The OP did have some extra motivation, he shared in another comment—he and his wife are expecting their very own bundle of joy.

We think the OP is going to do just fine as a new parent.

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