This Reddit Thread Shows the Painful (and Hilarious) Everyday Perils of Parenthood

In a Reddit thread asking parents the most physical damage their kids have accidentally caused, we certainly weren’t expecting the number of hospital trips, house repairs, and Lego-inflicted wounds that came up in parents’ responses.

We wonder what kind of injuries prompted Reddit user shamsonian to pose this question, but we hope she didn’t get her nose broken by an 18-month-old, like one unfortunate dad. Read on to find out the painful (and occasionally hilarious) stories these parents had to share.

This poor dad suffered a QUINTUPLE whammy.

For better or worse, there’s always a first time for everything.

Well, at least this mom probably has 20/20 vision now.

This kid has SEVERAL victims.

Mom’s OK, but she might want to watch out for shards of glass.

Another reason why Netflix overshadows DVDs.

We hope these kids get some karate and gymnastics lessons ASAP.

These painful incidents not only happened to Mom, but also playmates and grandparents. Better watch out for these kids! Has your little one ever accidentally sent you to the ER?

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