This NBC Reporter’s Toddler Interrupting a Breaking Newscast Is So Damn Relatable

We’ve all been interrupted by a toddler during something important. Bring that kid to work, or keep him in the house while working from home, and those interruptions become momentous. Now add broadcasting live on national television to the mix and, well, this is epic.

NBC News Correspondent Courtney Kube was giving a live breaking news brief on the Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria when her little one felt the need to give her his own breaking news.

One of the reporter’s two young sons approached her as she began the brief, putting his hand up toward her face while smiling at the camera. Courtney, who covers national security and the Pentagon, stopped mid-sentence to usher him away. “Excuse me, my kids are here—live television.” A producer figured this would be a good time to cut to a graphic for a few seconds as the mom giggled at her son’s excitement.

Though it was a pretty laughable moment, it doesn’t surprise working moms one bit. Responses to the tweeted clip became a chorus of we’ve all been there, and kudos to the network.

Apparently, this wasn’t her cuties’ first visit to the studio. Snaps to her employer.

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