Think You Have the Rudest Coworkers? These Hilarious Tweets Will Change Your Mind

Dealing with a rude and inconsiderate coworker can be very tough, especially if the two of you work as part of the same team or in the same department. It’s impossible to escape their eccentric or irritating habits when you’re face to face throughout your work week. But maybe, just maybe, this list will make you feel better about what you’re putting up with? Your unpleasant coworker has to be next level annoying to make the cut! Read on for our round-up of eight of the funniest, most cringeworthy work moments shared on Twitter.

Have mercy for the person still talking to me while my headphones are in.

File this under None of Your Business!

And what if there are no nearby windows?

Is ignorance a fireable offense?

How is this not against the law?

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