These Dry Shampoos Are the Morning Rush Heroes You Need

Every so often we come across a beauty product that leaves us wondering, “How did we ever live without it?” Dry shampoo falls into this category. It can help extend the life of a professional blowout, absorb oils when you’re in-between washings, or add volume to hair that needs some extra oomph. Just about every hair care brand imaginable includes a dry shampoo in their line, but these standouts are favorites for a reason.

We love OGX because they consistently offer great hair products at an affordable price point, and their dry shampoo is no exception. This formula adds volume and texture to strands, creating the perfect canvas for dry styling “second day” hair. With the inclusion of argan oil, it leave tresses feeling silky even though the overall product will help absorb excess oils from your scalp.

One potential pitfall of dry shampoo is that it can leave behind a residue that stands out against dark hair, casting a powdery finish. Moroccanoil created this formula specifically with brunette and black strands in mind, using ultra-fine rice starches that begin to break down instantly once massaged into the scalp. It’s this ingredient that prevents that chalky look so many other dry shampoos leave behind.

If your mane is oily, chances are you’re shampooing every day to make it look, well, not greasy. Enter Klorane’s dry shampoo that’s formulated for this very specific hair type in mind.It utilizes Nettle to minimize excess oil (every head of hair needs some oils to remain healthy) and leaves behind volume and bounce.

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