These Companies Saved Working Parents by Filling the Childcare Gap Between Camp and School

While it feels like back-to-school season is in full swing, in some pockets of the country, kids are still on summer break. Unfortunately, with most summer camps done by September, it leaves childcare up in the air. Taking time off is likely not an option yet there’s nowhere to drop off your little ones—so what are working parents to do?

Well, many are lucky enough to work for companies that take the initiative to fill in that gap between summer camp and the first day of school.

Sandra Butler, a nonprofit communications and marketing coordinator from Michigan, was able to bring both of her kids into the office when she wasn’t able to find childcare elsewhere. With electronics in hand and headphones over their ears, the kids looked content while mom got her work done without penalty.

“Thankfully my employer and leadership are welcoming of my kids in the office when I’m in a bind. Dual career families sometimes need accommodations and I’m forever thankful for the flexibility my boss provides me.” Sandra wrote. We couldn’t agree with this sentiment more.

Other companies have gone a step further to reassure employees with children that they’ll be covered. They recognize absenteeism becomes a major issue in the end-of-summer weeks.

Mandisa Jones, a human resources professional from Trinidad and Tobago, felt grateful that her company heard parents’ pleas for affordable, safe and reliable childcare. Her company’s July/August Daycare Center was the perfect solution.

“It was a wonderful experience, I completed everything I set out to do today without having to worry about my little one and I had the opportunity to bond with my baby and his new friends during my break and lunch hour.” Mandisa wrote. I mean, just look at that face.

That gap after summer camps end and before school starts can be expensive and stressful. Finding reliable and consistent childcare during that time can feel daunting. We hope companies all over the country begin taking into account that extra anxiety many of their employees face. Every kid deserves to look as happy as Mandisa’s little one. And every working parent deserves that peace of mind!

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