These Bath Bombs Will Make You Savor Tub Time

Move over, Rubber Ducky—it’s bath bombs that really make bathtime lots of fun. These colorful, scented little treasures turn an ordinary bath into an extra special indulgence. There are so many varieties to choose from including kid-centric offerings. Those typically include a little surprise as the bath bomb melts in the water. But, adults will love the “grown up” versions that provide a spa-like feel to the tub after a busy day. Our favorites are family-friendly and oh-so-divine.

At the end of the day, the last thing your kids may want to do is take a bath, regardless of how much they need one. Coax them into the tub with these bath bombs made from all-natural ingredients that delight when they melt and reveal a Pokemon toy inside! Six different colored spheres contain miniature figurines of their favorite characters. Don’t be surprised if they start begging for bathtime!

Whole Foods offers a bunch of fizzy bath bombs in different scents, but this rose petal variety smells so delightfully delicate that it’s sure to be an instant favorite. Your skin will feel softer after emerging from the tub because this little ball aims to beautify with its formula of salt, sugar, coconut oil and natural fragrance.

Sure, this set of six luxe bath bombs makes for a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one, but it’s also amazing for a little self-care. Each bomb is made with all natural, vegan, and organic ingredients, diffusing the loveliest of scents as it fizzes away in warm water. Even better, they’re packed with skin-softening ingredients like Vitamin E and shea butter.

When you want to relax but also love all things cute and kitschy, these bath bombs are just what the doctor ordered. The set contains a few items that look like donuts and cupcakes, while others take on more traditional shapes. Each one has a unique scent, like the cube with a fragrance of peppermint and calendula, or the yellow ball that smells of ylang-ylang oil and dried lavender. Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy some much-needed downtime.

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