The Working Dads of the Year on Giving Back to Their Families, Companies and Communities

The Working Dads of the Year get their jobs done and set an example for their children through their good deeds. Meet them below, and check out more 2019 Working Dads of the Year here.


Name: Lee Moore
Title: Senior Managing Director
Children: Lily, 15 / Isabella, 10
Location: Chicago, IL

“It’s important to me that my team be empowered to work the way they want. At Accenture, we call it a ‘truly human’ approach. Early in my career, a senior leader explained that family life is like a pie, and it’s crucial to balance family, work and myself. It requires discipline, but I’m strict about putting weeks on my calendar when I’m not traveling and go home early to spend time with my girls, particularly around exams. I encourage my team to do the same. Making time for yourself is crucial; it ensures you’re a better employee, better parent and better spouse.”

He’s a big proponent of balance on his teams, too. Prior to his current role, he was a global sales director, and put a program in place to promote sponsorship and mentorship within the organization, which led to more women being promoted to managing director. At the same time, he notes there are more men sharing in primary care responsibilities for their kids, even though they’re sometimes reluctant to discuss it. “For the men it can be harder. They don’t want to speak up. Social acceptance of that from other men isn’t there yet; I would love to change that. At Accenture, we are working to change that. I personally commit to making it OK for parents to do what they need to while still doing a great job.”

Astellas Pharma US

Name: Jeff Letizia
Title: Assistant Director, Government Pricing
Children: Delaney, 14 / Jaden, 11
Location: Grayslake, IL

“In addition to my core work, Astellas has allowed me to be the community lead of the Abilities Employee Resource Group, which aims to raise awareness of the impact that physical, mental and emotional disabilities have on the community. On my personal side, I coached my daughter’s basketball team for five years and for the previous two years was the loud parent in the stands (sometimes too loud). While I was coaching, I had to come up with plays, develop devotionals for our church league, and then attend practice and games. If I did not prioritize accordingly, there was no way possible I could excel at both work and personal commitments. Considering we won a championship, I feel the team did all right. Beyond sports, which I like a little too much, my goal for both my daughter and stepson is to know that I am there for them. I will fail sometimes but in those failures, I will hold myself accountable and learn from them. Same with work. Embrace and learn from your failures, enjoy your successes, and love your children as it really is the most important job you have.”

Boston Consulting Group

Name: Juan Uribe
Title: Managing Director and Partner
Children: Sophie, 8 / Max, 8
Location: New York, NY

Juan Uribe is the proud father of 8-year-old twins, and makes it clear to all who work with him that his family is truly important to him. Juan’s wife has a similarly demanding career, also a partner at a different consulting firm, and they manage to balance demanding schedules at work and shared responsibilities at home. While prioritizing family, Juan is also able to take on important leadership roles in BCG’s New York office and provide excellence in client service. His colleagues marvel at how he is able to juggle it all with a great attitude.


Name: Chris Robinson-Beers
Title: Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance
Children: Cora, 4 / Oliver, 1
Location: Bethesda, MD

“When I came out almost two decades ago, I was convinced I would never be able to be myself in life or in the workplace. The idea of having a family comprised of a fantastic husband of 11 years, a spirited 4-year-old girl and a fearless 1-year-old boy was something I could not comprehend. In the intervening years, the world has thankfully changed for the better. I am happy to work for an organization that allows me to be my authentic self; I am even more fortunate to be a father and husband. My time working for Deloitte and for other Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms around the world—while working to find a balance alongside my dedicated husband and co-parent, a diplomat with the Department of State—has taught me that life is too short and to cherish every opportunity.

At times this has meant making unique work opportunities work for us, such as moving as a family to Singapore for my husband’s job and finding an opportunity to make it work with the network member firms of DTTL. It has also meant being willing to be apart for a time, as I did for eight months this year, in order to serve a new Deloitte client. These choices were not made lightly, as we saw long-term opportunities for our children to experience the world.

Our path to being fathers has had challenges, like many families, as we encountered and confronted stereotypes along the way. We were discouraged from pursuing adoption in numerous jurisdictions, while others would not recognize the parentage of same-sex couples in surrogacy cases. The long path full of ups and downs eventually led us to having two wonderful children, but also brought greater appreciation for parenthood. As a result, we try to remember how lucky we are to have a family and maximize our time together. Even if at times that means working later at home, scheduling travel at odd hours, or stepping away for an hour to take a call, when we are together as a family we always attempt to invest in each other and our children, recognizing how lucky we are to be a family.”

Ernst & Young LLP

Name: Martin Fiore
Title: US-East Tax Regional Managing Partner
Children: Maddy, 4 / Lottie, 2
Location: New York, NY

“Have you ever found yourself on a journey where you don’t know exactly where you’re heading, but your gut is leading you in a certain direction? My journey started with a strong sense of curiosity for learning and community service, with heavy influence from my parents. Early in my career, I realized the power of this gift and became involved in community mentorship for students. This experience provided personal purpose and taught me that mentorship is reciprocal. Interacting with young individuals motivated me to continue to learn and give back.

Fatherhood brought all this to a deeper level. My journey hit a remarkable milestone, spending quality time with my two amazing daughters and seeing the world through their eyes. These two things bring me my ultimate joy and purpose in life. I can now observe firsthand the impact of learning on my children and, equally, on me. My wife, an educator, also inspires me as I watch her commitment to learning. We focus on the power of reading; when it’s easier to reach for the TV remote, we stretch for the bookshelf. Listening to our daughters express themselves in new ways helps me to recognize the tremendous impact of vocabulary development, and as the chairperson of Champions for Quality Education, I have dedicated more time to school boards in New York, supporting early childhood learning for underserved neighborhoods.

My journey continues to evolve. As the EY Americas Tax Talent Leader and most recently as the US-East Tax Regional Managing Partner, I focus on professional development for our people as automation is driving significant changes in this fast-changing world. My belief in reverse mentorship encouraged me to listen to junior EY professionals, whose perspectives helped us launch new programs with universities aimed at enhancing STEM enrollment.

I’m truly grateful to my daughters for the gift of fatherhood, which has inspired me to find greater fulfillment and purpose through new knowledge and experiences, and to the EY organization, for helping working parents and all of our people build a better working world for today and the future.”

Grant Thornton

Name: Dan Voogt
Title: Senior Manager – Audit
Children: Brouwer, 6 / Banner, 4 / Willa, 2 / Myrtle, 1
Location: Tinley Park, IL

“I’m grateful to serve on two boards at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago: the Children’s Research Fund Board and the Foundation Board. I have been able to integrate my involvement on these boards with time with my family by bringing my family along to Lurie Children’s events (including the Move for Kids race and Children’s Ball kickoff event) or to help promote the hospital through in-office events. For example, my family visited our office twice this year to promote the Move for Kids event. This integration has allowed for some really special memories, to help develop social skills in my children and to let my colleagues get to know me on a more personal level. I’m proud to work at a company that has been so incredibly supportive—through direct financial support to Lurie Children’s, by allowing me flexibility to attend board meetings and other events, and by supporting my family when my son faced a brain tumor diagnosis. And this support drives even more involvement. Grant Thornton now has nine employees who serve on 10 Lurie Children’s boards or committees or by volunteering at the hospital more than 100 hours per year. Work and family time don’t always need to be completely separate. Finding ways to integrate work and family can not only allow you and your employer to meet personal and professional goals but can also provide rich experiences and memories for your family that cultivate a joy for philanthropy and appreciation for an employers that allow you to bring your whole self to work.”

Johnson & Johnson

Name: Scott Joslin
Title: OCULAR Materials Development R&D
Children: Sami, 17 / Sara, 15
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Scott lost his wife, Maria, in 2004 during the birth of his second child. Maria’s passing left him with a newborn, Sarah, and a 2-year-old, Samantha, whom he has raised over the past 16 years. His drive to be the best father he could be led him to ensure that the children’s day-to-day activities, development, and schooling would remain on track prior to resuming full-time work activities. With the help and support of friends, colleagues and supervisors at J&J Vision, Scott returned to work soon after settling his personal situation. Scott gradually transitioned into a people management role as a group leader in ocular materials development and demonstrated the effectiveness of creating a safe open forum for discussing and solving technical issues ranging from fundamental chemistry, to materials development and evaluation. This environment has been key to developing many of our associates and has been the core for developing several novel technologies applicable to ophthalmic devices.

Of note is the strong collaboration he has developed between the contact lens and intraocular materials R&D organizations that he now leads and that has led to a range of exciting breakthroughs. Throughout his career at J&J Vision, with the increasing responsibilities given to him at work, Scott has always managed to divide his time in a manner that allowed him to prioritize the needs of his children. He ensured that they had the best of education, spent as much time with them as possible, and maintained a close relationship with their grandparents from both sides. Samantha has just graduated high school and begins college at FSU this fall, and Sarah is two years away from starting college. Juggling a successful career, being critical to launching novel technologies and products at JJV, developing our future scientists/fellows and managers/leaders, and being an excellent role model for his children and many people at work, Scott has been an inspiration to many colleagues and new hires in the organization. His general approach toward life (personal and professional), his openness and desire to raise the bar for those around him are very special traits that were never lost while raising two children.

Despite the demands in his personal life, Scott has always made the time to provide all the necessary support and more to his J&J colleagues and has often played a mentorship role to several R&D staff members and leadership in the process.

Microsoft Corporation

Name: Richard Guthrie
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Children: Mia, 12 / William, 9 / Samantha, 7 / Christina, 4
Location: Redmond, WA

Richard, along with his wife, Working Mother of the Year Lisa, are involved in [email protected] ERG and take time to give thoughtful advice and share experiences to help others. In February 2019, their youngest daughter, Christina, was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s encephalitis (RE), a rare autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its own healthy brain cells, resulting in frequent, intractable seizures as well as progressive physical and cognitive decline. In June 2019, she underwent a left hemispherectomy (disconnection/removal of the left side of her brain) to address this condition. Richard and Lisa bring awareness to RE, making all kinds of decisions for their family, career and personal needs. Although there is still plenty of road left to travel with recovery for Christina a few things still hold true:

They do what they need to stay engaged with the other kids and their activities.
They are 100% their for Christina and her recovery.
They LOVE Microsoft: the community, benefits and their jobs.


Name: Patrick Flaherty
Title: Managing Associate General Counsel
Children: Nora, 2 / Ronan, infant
Location: Washington, D.C.

“I advocated for and helped launch a new learning program about who LGBTQ allies are, why they’re needed, and how Verizon employees can become (or help others become) an ally and supporter of the LGBTQ community. The goal of this ally training is to establish an inclusive community of accepting allies who promote the respect, inclusion and equity of all LGBTQ employees. The program is sponsored by Verizon’s Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ employees, GLOBE, and presented by Straight for Equality, a program of PFLAG National, the first and largest organization uniting families and allies with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. In it, employees have a chance to understand more about changing LGBTQ terminology; learn about who allies are, and what the ally journey looks like; find out the good news about LGBTQ acceptance as well as the bad news we often miss; and learn how to overcome barriers, express support and create change in the workplace. To date, the program has been very successful and well-received by Verizon employees.”

WellStar Health System

Name: Timothy Bass
Title: RN Critical Care ICU
Children: Jacob, 14 / Jayden, 11 / Charlie, 6 / Addison, 2 / Chase, infant
Location: Kennesaw, GA

This team member was nominated twice, by his wife and his charge nurse. His wife says he is the picture of a team player—at work, at home and on the field. “We have five kids,” says his wife, “two of whom he’s raised as his own since the oldest was three; he’s now 14.” This proud wife says her spouse coaches the children’s teams and is very involved in their scouting, having held leadership positions. He helps at their schools whenever he can, and he’s the one the kids go to with questions, the one that makes their dreams, ideas and wishes come true. He’ll bend over backwards to make these kids happy. His only daughter is a true daddy’s girl, and his boys all believe he hung the moon.

This RN is active in his church, participating in the children’s service at least once a month, and is actively involved in service projects. We’ve discussed serving on a medical mission trip in the next couple of years,” says his wife. His charge nurse confirms this, saying, “this RN exemplifies all the qualities of an excellent nurse: caring, compassion, teamwork, critical thinking and being a great mentor.

He doesn’t sit down unless all his work is done, and that’s after he ensures his coworkers are covered,” says his wife. He can always be counted on, no matter what. And he always gives credit to the next person. He likes to see others succeed and does everything in his power to ensure that happens. This team member’s wife explains that nursing is her husband’s second career. “He was a police officer before he decided his family needed more stability,” she explains, “and was previously a volunteer fire fighter. Everything he has ever done has been in the interest of others, especially the community. He thinks of everyone else first, and his actions through the years reflect that. His heart is always in the greater good.”

“You see the absolute pride in his face when he speaks about his only daughter, who is 3,” says his charge nurse. “You will often see on social media that he painted her toenails or went out of his way to purchase that certain ‘girly outfit’ his wife wanted for her.” His charge nurse notes that this team member was very excited to have the ability to use paternity benefits when his daughter and youngest son were born. His wife adds, “paternity leave helped us transition with our newborn without a hitch. I was delighted to have his help.” According to his fellow team member and charge nurse, this father inspires his coworkers every day to not only do a better job at work, but to be more present and engaged at home. “He is a fantastic nurse, coworker, spouse, friend and an exceptional father,” says his nominator.

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