The Way This Working Mom Took Control of Her Schedule is a Lesson for Us All

The goal of so many working parents is flexibility and the ultimate way to achieve that is by having a job that allows the ability to work remotely. The issue is it’s not always offered or possible and it’s a tall order to ask your boss to implement such a policy. Well, when this mom wasn’t finding positions that offered remote work, she decided to create one all on her own. Oh yeah, she also works in data science.

Mom of two Kristen Kehrer set a goal to work remotely by the time her oldest started kindergarten. After three years and a handful of slightly disappointing and underpaying offers, she refused to give up. She simply took matters into her own hands and founded her own company.

“Five years ago I never thought I’d start my own business, but if I couldn’t find a position, I figured I’d create one.” Kristen wrote.

She’s been working from home since January and is loving the shift in her schedule and lifestyle. She is able to be there for her kids during important milestones—such as riding the “practice” bus with her daughter before she starts kindergarten. She took to LinkedIn to explain how she made her dream a reality, and how it’s benefiting her productivity and her family.

Before having kids, Kristen was adamant she would one day help them with homework or getting them on the schoolbus. The two previous companies she worked for denied her requests to work remotely. Now, as her own boss and a data science instructor and consultant, she sets her own schedule.

In a response to a comment on her post, Kristen said working remotely allows her to start her business day earlier than when she was commuting. “There is not much that could ever get me to go into an office M-F again.” And we believe it.

As if it couldn’t get any more uplifting, Kristen finished her post with a golden nugget of inspiration. “The things we want don’t always happen over night, and the result might not always look how you expected it would, but you can get there.”

Some LinkedIn users chimed in that Kristen’s story was encouraging and we couldn’t agree more.

“It is truly inspiring to see that there is a way to not compromise on your dream goal, if you have the right amount of flexibility and patience. Thank you for sharing your story!” Yoana Ianova, a graduate student from Glasgow, Scotland, commented.

While working from home is still just a pipe dream for some, it’s inspiring and hopeful to see that some parents are able to make that dream a reality.

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