The Unwritten Rules of Taking a Specialized Wine Tour

Wine tasting tours are a fun and exciting way to welcome in the harvest season. Whether they’re new to the wonderful world of wine or are avid wine connoisseurs who are just getting around to booking their first specialized wine tours, tasters should take some time to learn basic etiquette, though. Follow the tips below to ensure a pleasant, positive experience.

Plan Wisely

It’s always a good idea to buy tickets for Hermann Wine Trail events well in advance to ensure that everyone who wants to go will be able to reserve a spot. This is particularly true for those who want to bring along large groups of fellow connoisseurs. A huge group can overtake the event, so it’s usually best to schedule a private wine tasting or tour instead of reserving every spot on a tour offered to the public.

Avoid Overpowering Fragrances

Have a favorite perfume or cologne that seems like it offers a perfect complement to the beautiful fall weather? A wine tasting tour is not the right time to try it out. Strongly scented perfumes and colognes will get in the way of other guests’ abilities to enjoy the aroma of each wine, which is a large part of why people attend wine tasting events, so don’t ruin it for everybody.

Stay Unbiased

Try to enter the tasting rooms with an unbiased attitude. There’s nothing wrong with having strong preferences when it comes to flavors, aromas, and regional wines, but the whole point of a wine tasting is to give consumers the chance to be introduced to new ones. Give each wine a try to follow the staff’s instructions regarding the order of the wines, as they put a lot of thought into their selections.

Drink Responsibly

Designate a sober driver before heading to the first event on a wine tour and try to drink responsibly. It’s important for guests to respect each other’s space and the right to enjoy the event. They’ll have a hard time doing that if one person or group is becoming loud and rowdy while everyone else is trying to enjoy a tasteful day out with their friends.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spit

Each flight of wine might include up to seven different varieties and most wine tours include several locations. Few consumers will find that they’re able to appreciate the subtle flavor and aroma of each wine if they’re consuming all of them, and that’s the whole point of a wine tour. Most wineries provide buckets where their guests can dump wine they don’t want or spit after tasting each wine, as long as they follow proper spitting etiquette.

Express Opinions Politely

Wine preferences are entirely subjective and there’s nothing wrong with honestly expressing those preferences. Try to avoid exaggerated grimaces, head shakes, and rude comments, though. That one taster doesn’t like a particular vintage doesn’t mean everyone else will share the same opinion and while most guests will be open to honest but respectful discussions, few people want to be belittled for their personal preferences.

The Bottom Line

Wine tastings aren’t about getting outrageously intoxicated, nor are they about proving who has the best taste. They’re about trying new things, refining palettes, and meeting other people who share similar interests. Follow the etiquette tips above to make the most of a wine tasting tour and ensure that all the other guests can, too.

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