The Truth About Eggs: 5 Reasons to Cut Them Out of Your Diet

If you really think about eggs and where they come from, then just the thought alone may make them unappetizing to you.

You may also think that just because certain eggs are advertised as “cage-fee” that they would be better for you but that’s highly false.

There are many misconceptions about eggs that you’ve been hearing you’re entire life but keep reading to learn the truth about eggs and why you should cut them completely out of your diet.

1. It’s Cruel to the Chickens

Even when you see eggs advertised as cage-free this does not mean that the chickens are raised in good conditions. Most of the time they’re still in small spaces crammed together where they can barely even raise their wings.

Most hens who are caged to lay eggs their entire life suffer from diseases because they are urinating and defecating all over themselves and each other. The treatment that chickens who lay eggs go through is cruel and disgusting.

2. Filled With Cholesterol

You probably have heard that eggs are healthy and eating them every day is good for you but this information is incorrect. Eggs are filled with tons of cholesterol that we should be avoiding. One egg a day can actually shorten your life.

The type of cholesterol in eggs can damage the lining inside your arteries as well as increasing cardiovascular effects. Eating one egg a day is nearly as bad as smoking five cigarettes in one day. If you care about your health, then you will want to make sure you’re only putting good things into your body.

3. Food Poisoning

Eggs are actually a huge host of contamination which can cause food poisoning. Because of crowded egg farms and fragile shells, salmonella is extremely common in eggs which is the leading cause of food poisoning in the United States.

Eggs have so much potential to cause you illness meaning you should avoid them at all costs. There are so many other options to foods where you don’t even need eggs. Check out Simply Eggless Bakery for French Pasteries that are completely egg-free and taste amazing. 

4. Intelligent Animals

It isn’t only cruel that chickens are kept locked up in tight living quarters to the point that they can’t move and experience diseases but they also feel this too. Chickens perform better at cognitive, emotional, and behavioral tests than cats and dogs. This means that they feel pleasure, sadness, excitement, pain, resentment, depression and pretty much any feeling we do.

Chickens are much smarter than we could imagine and when they’re mistreated they feel the same way we would. They are able to anticipate the future and are individuals in their own right.

5. Chicken Menstruation

If you’re still not convinced that eating eggs is disgusting, then you may be swayed by the fact that eggs are actually chicken menstruation. Female chickens menstruate by their ovaries which sends a yolk to move through the reproductive tract.

Then the yolk reaches the shell gland and in about 20 hours you have an egg ready for your breakfast. This fact among many may turn you off from eating eggs.

The Hard Truth About Eggs

The truth about eggs is that they just aren’t good for you no matter what people say. It is cruel to the chickens who only live to lay eggs for you to eat.

There are many alternatives to eggs that are even more delicious and don’t harm you or any animals.

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