The Stoic or Sensitive Guy: Which One Are You?

Are you the guy who feels nothing or feels everything? You know which side of the pendulum you swing to. You’ve been inside of you your entire life.

So which is it? Stoic? Or Sensitive? Both have their costs and benefits – from the obvious to the not so obvious.

The stoic guy has a wall around his heart.
The sensitive guy is wall-less.

The stoic guy lets no one in.
The sensitive guy lets everyone in.

The stoic male explodes.
The sensitive one implodes.

The stoic male is numb.
The sensitive male is overwhelmed.

The stoic man safe guards himself from his partner’s feelings.
The sensitive one is crushed by her feelings.

The stoic man misses out on a rich feeling-life.
The sensitive one bathes in rich feelings.

The stoic man gets things done.
The sensitive guy worries about getting things done.

The stoic guy doesn’t see her.
The sensitive guy feels responsible for her.

The stoic male externalizes.
The sensitive one internalizes.

The stoic male would benefit from being more sensitive.
The sensitive guy from being more stoic.

Which guy are you?
Which does your woman ask you to be?
Which do you need to be more of?
Feeling stumped? You’re not alone. Get help today.

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