The Proud Moment This Journalist Mother of a Grown Daughter Realized Her Mom Guilt Was a ‘Waste of Time’

Like many working parents, Pulitzer-winning journalist and novelist Connie Schultz felt overwhelmed with guilt when her daughter was young. Now, as her adult daughter has proven to take after her, she realizes that guilt was “such a waste of time.”

Connie, a mom of two adult children, posted to Twitter a photo of her daughter, Caitlin, when she was just a toddler, alongside a photo of Cait with her own 3-month-old son on the floor of Congress, fighting for paid sick leave laws in Rhode Island. Connie then realized she had no reason to be worried all those years ago.

“In ‘89, I’m doing a phone interview & see toddler Cait imitating me. 1st thought: Oh, no. 2nd thought: Oh, wow.” Connie was clearly worried her daughter was only seeing the working part of her being a working mom. Fast-forward to 2016, she learned she had been doing the right thing all along. Could a working parent be prouder?

If this doesn’t show you that it all pays off, we don’t know what will. Responses to the tweet were affectionate, inspired and echoed a similar realization we could all learn from.

We couldn’t agree more. A new perspective can change a lot.

Another great example of everything our kids are learning from us as we juggle parenting, having a career and striving for the illusion of work-life balance.

Though we might not see it yet, Connie and Cait are a perfect example of how working parenthood benefits parents and children in the long run. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, there’s no reason to feel working parent guilt. They’re learning more from us than we’ll ever know.

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