The Power of Your Story

Deep inside, you know you’re about to change and make a mark. You’re aware of how life’s a marathon and you see yourself standing on the edge of a cliff.

You’re about to hit a breakthrough on how much powerful you actually are.

You’re the misfit, outlaw, punk, gender disoriented, fear cripple, pain killer, love sucker, starving artist and porn addict who got bored with your own self-pity.


I’m a recovered loser. I can’t sell you generic success.


Analog nomad for the last two years and been doing pretty much third world shitty jobs for my entire life.

Oceans of wasted time.

I’ve lost so many times I stopped crying my pillows and helplessly scream on the Gods who didn’t send out some help.

But tears and screams brought laughter in my life. And you know what? When I started to laugh, I’ve started to take action.

It felt better.

I’ve earned some amount of confidence out of it.

What could be your turning point?

Ask yourself this: is there any person besides your mom in the whole world who listens to you and maybe even laughs to something you have to say?

There has to be. Find this person.

What is she finding interesting about you?

What is the need you fulfill to this person? What’s the value she gets?

Start designing your turning point from there.

If there’s one person, somewhere in this world there are a hundred. Then two hundred.

The USA. Brasil. South Korea. Madagascar. Old people. Young people. Middle-aged left-wing introverts.

The person who’s stuck in traffic every Monday in Switzerland.

If there are two hundred, there’s are thousands of people who can become your tribe.

Why is it so hard?

People will find you if you’re reachable.

You can open yourself up about anything you feel and gradually, you’ll find more joy in doing it.

The tricky part is if you bore or bullshit people, they’re going away.

I’m guilty of this.

You see, part of me doesn’t want to recover from being a loser.

This part wants to fit in one of the patterns in which somebody out there defined to make money out of them.

This part of me wants to have somebody to tell me how to pee, what to wear and what to do with my life.

So I put a spin on my story just to make it a little bit more interesting and preferably likable to you.

It can produce an instant result but, in the long run, you’ll probably never meet the real you and what you have to say, unapologetically.

If you hide a part of yourself, you’re totally missing on your present brilliance.

The old days of the academic, high end, royal and complex lifestyle are gone.

People crave to read, listen and see the raw truth.

We’re fed up being raped, manipulated, used, categorized, stupidities, bullshitted and mistreated.

Today, we desperately need a real human friend with whom we can share our life experience.

The delicate sauce for launching the real you

If you’re feeling stuck, you can always reach out and ask for help.

If I’m feeling insecure, I pay a visit to my therapist, ask my girlfriend or a friend for some help.

And I feel insecure a lot.

Almost every day.

You’ll find out people out there who want to help you to reframe and make the best out of your story.

You’ll be surprised.

The Takeaway

Our lives are given to us to own them and create our unique stories around them.

Change can happen only when we collectively face each other with our truth.

It’s time for you to step up and tell the world about you.

No introductions.

No explaining.

No drama.

No bullshit.

Just speak your truth.

Don’t say:

We need to talk. I was thinking…and because of x and z…and one more thing from my past that made me tell you this…so, here it goes. I’ve made a very bad mistake. It’s not the end of the world. But I feel bad about it. Do you understand me!”

Say like you mean it:

“I’ve made a mistake. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Don’t say:

Merle, I’ve been around for a long time to see how x or z works…It’s a matter of trust and transparency. Maybe you would consider me…being a part of your circle…I’m a relatively good guy most of the time so I thought we would somehow click…!!??”


“Merle, I think you’re a great guy! I would like to be your friend. Let’s get together for a weekend. What do you say?”

Own it. It’s just a piece of information for the world to hear.

Then, listen to what Merle has to say.

There’s your miracle.

You’ve just jumped in a whole new reality where everything’s possible.

You’re connected.



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