The Power of Pausing

Our lives are flooded with so much noise it can be very torturous to slow down. When we slow down, we can filter the noise and the chaos of our lives. Pausing increases our ability to be aware and to be more present. To be present is where we connect more deeply with ourselves and the people around us. When we are present, we become so much more than just observers and victims. We become co-creators of our realities. We can also handle our emotions in this manner. Ever been so angry and then took a second to breathe? What did pausing do for you? What did it do for the circumstance or person that you were angry about?

Breath is tied to everything that we do so why not make an intentional effort out of it. This also works for positive emotions such as joy. Have you ever paused when eating a really good meal? The flavors of the dish have a chance to fully be enjoyed when you are practicing mindfulness. When you take a second to pause, you shift to a greater frequency. Pausing can also give you time to reflect. We live in a busy world. This busy world is a distraction and allows us to continue to drown out the things, people and places that may bring us pain. Pausing allows for patience during painful times. Pausing allows you to sit with whatever emotion is building up and face it. So many of us would rather stay under the radar with our feelings repressed and suppressed.

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