The Only 18-Month Milestones That Matter

The Only 18-Month Milestones That Matter

At 18 months, your baby is no longer a baby. You have got a toddler on your hands. And you might have thought that life would be simpler as they progress to toddlerhood and become a little more independent. But this seemingly precious stage will most likely keep your hands full than when they were a baby. By now, they have most likely learned to walk on their tiny feet and there’s a whole world waiting for them to explore. And developmental milestones might seem like a thing of the past, but your toddler still has a long way to go. Here we list out the most important developmental milestones by the time your tiny tot steps into their 18th month of life.

#1: Temper Tantrums

Temper Tantrums

Ahh! The sweet age of toddlerhood when your kid is mastering the art of tantrums. And if your child has recently discovered the word ‘No,’ be ready to hear a lot of it in the months to come. Put on your shoes – No! Finish the meal – No! Let’s leave – No! Kids love taking control or maybe they just enjoy denying everything you ask them to do (1).

#2: Running


Your bambino has started walking a few months back and is now beginning to quicken their pace (2). You might be tempted to compare your child with children of similar ages. But know that each child does things at their own pace. Some kids start walking at a very young age while others take a little longer. It also depends on the environmental factors and the opportunities that have been given to them.

#3: Learns To Undress

Learns To Undress

Until now, you were the one who was putting clothes on them and taking them off. But now, your baby has started to do this on their own. They have learned to undress, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it will make your life easier as a mom. Absolutely not! They would randomly remove a few items of their outfit as they please. And even choose to waltz around the house in nothing but underwear.

#4: Understands Simple Commands

Understands Simple Commands

One liner commands are now understood by them. “Pick up the toy.” “Go to sleep.” “Eat your vegetables.” But just like everything else, they wouldn’t probably listen to you. So much for understanding commands! All you can do is keeping telling them, and maybe one fine day they will actually do as you say.

#5: Pretend Play

Pretend Play

Your child will pretend to take care of his/her stuffed toys or mimic your behavior when you are on a call (3). They might imitate household chores such as cleaning or washing the dishes as well. You can pretend-play with your toddler to help them exercise their imagination skills. For example, you can pretend to be the patient while your toddler acts like a doctor.

#6: Scribbles With Color Pencils

Scribbles With Color Pencils

Your child may start bringing out their artistic talents while kick-starting toddlerhood. Hand them a paper and some crayons and watch them get lost in their own world. Give them enough opportunities to start exploring their motor skills.

#7: Responding To Others By Laughing

Responding To Others By Laughing

If your heart melts every time you see your baby smile, wait till they start laughing. Your toddler will burst into a small chuckle when they see or hear something funny. Their pudgy little cheeks and the sight of them giggling is sure to set anyone’s heart racing. These are the beautiful moments that make it all worth it. So, capture them by taking a video so that you can look back a few years later. We promise you, these are the moments you will cherish forever.

Your toddler is one and a half years old already. It seems like time flies once they hit toddlerhood, doesn’t it? So make the most of it by spending more time with them and engaging with them through fun activities.

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