The Making of an Erotic Massage Therapist Pt 21

Look into her eyes.

Just breathe.
There are no thoughts in this moment.
There is the opening to love.
Breathe into your heart.
Just breathe.

Lay her down in warmth, in comfort.
And breathe.
Rest your hands on her heart.
And breathe.
Feel your hands sink into her body, into her skin, into her heart.
And breathe.

Let your hands stroke down her body, over her belly to her yoni.
Hold her in your hands.
And breathe.
Just breathe.
Allow your hands to move from your heart, from your breath, not from your mind, not from technique, not from movements you know.
And the dance will begin.

This is a dance of the goddess.
This is a dance of the heart.
This is a dance of devotion.

The more I go into the body, the more I go into energy, the more I go into myself, the more I go into pleasure, the more I go into the mystery, the more I move away from technique.

The more I understand the limitation of orgasm as most of us know it.

The more I understand that orgasm and pleasure are not always the same thing.

The more I understand that orgasm and fulfilment, deep fulfilment, that touches a place deep inside, are not the same thing.

The more I understand that within us, all of us, is a capacity for pleasure far beyond what we mostly allow.

The more I understand that orgasm is sometimes a distraction, a distraction of the mind to stop us going deeper into the body, deeper into energy, deeper into pleasure.

Just as the mind distracts us from meditation, it distracts us from pleasure.
Deep pleasure is experienced in love.

It is from love for ourselves that we choose to go there, to explore the limitless world of possibility that pleasure us.

It is in love that we open to giving and receiving this pleasure.

It is in love, with love, that we are able to be in the moment of intimacy, the eternal moment of intimacy, that dissolves us into this pleasure.

In this space something happens that makes this experience different.

It’s not about giving a massage or receiving a massage.

It’s not about my heart guiding my hands.

It’s more than that.

It’s about my heart being open to listen to her body, her heart, her yoni, guide me in the way she wants to be touched.

It’s mystical.

It’s a deep listening that happens only in the quiet of stillness.

It’s a communion that goes from the very human body to a space of consciousness and once more to the body as it expresses itself.

As Pleasure expresses itself through us.

Healing happens.

Release happens.

Change happens.

Openness, expansion, transformation.

In the space of Pleasure.

And I understand more than ever, the journey of the sexual healer, the erotic practitioner, the sensual, sexual massage therapist, is the journey of going within.

In this I become more present with myself, so I may be more present with you.
All that we learn, anatomy, energy, technique, so many teachings are just the beginning.
Some of us will stay there.

And some of us will travel deeper into the mystery, into ourselves.

Me, I will touch you, I will teach you to touch, from this place inside of you.

This place of unlimited possibility and unlimited love.

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