The Checklist for Selecting the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Unlike before when there were only a limited number of frames for prescription glasses, now there are different shapes, sizes and even colors of frames available.

For some people, glasses are an accessory in the shape of sunglasses while for others prescription glasses are a need to have a clear vision. Unlike before when there were only a limited number of frames for prescription glasses, now there are different shapes, sizes and even colors of frames available.

On the one hand, there are branded glasses meanwhile, on the other hand, you can find cheap glasses which are also available online. Every pair of glass can make you look exceptional; you select the glasses that fit you best.

Here is a checklist to help you select the perfect glasses that will make people go wow!

1. Facial Features

Now everyone says that you should consider your face shape when selecting glasses. However, it is impossible to do so for many people like me.

So the next best thing to do is consider your facial features, for instance on an angular face with sharp features like dominant cheekbones round frames would go perfectly. Meanwhile, so a round face with soft features square-framed glasses would do best.

2. Shape Contrasting to Your Face

Now evaluate the bottom and top half of your face. If the top half of your face is wide then go for a heavy frame. However, if your bottom-half is wide then go for lighter fame. This will help you balance your face and bring out your best features.

3. Your Glasses Can Help You Set Statements

Even though there are set lines on what would suit each face, celebs have often broken those rules and pulled off some great looks. For instance Kendall Jenner despite having soft features carried off round-glasses well. Similarly, Jenifer Aniston despite having angular features carries off angular frames well.

4. The Size of the Frame

The next step comes to choosing the right frame size which should be proportionate to your face size.

You can customize the length, width, and depth of your face to set the perfect one on your face.

5. Prescription of Your Glasses

It is also essential to consider the prescription of your glasses. After all, that is what your glasses are mean to do. Following your prescription, you may have to alter the length and width of the lens in your frame.

6. Eyes on Center and Upwards

The position if your lens should be in such a way that your eyes sit in a horizontal position with your lens and they are vertical to the top third. The closer your eyes are to the center of your lens the better the glasses will fit on your face.

PS: If your eyes are at the inner corner then you may appear to be crossed eyes to the person looking at you from the front.

7. The Grip of the Frame on Your face

The frame you choose should be in perfect proportion to your eyes and nose so that they have a firm grip on your temples. To have the perfect fit the width of your frame should be correct with no gaps in between. Even a slight gap can cause the frame to be a loose fit on your face

8. Fit Your Nose

The frame glasses sit on the bridge of your nose where they would remain stable. Hence they must fit appropriately on the nose, a falling frame will not only look bad but will also make you unable to do any work.

9. Not on Cheeks

Large frames tend to be heavy and often get stuck to your nose. You may not notice it at first but after some time it can be irritating as they will steam up, smudge makeup and will get lifted every time you smile. So essential check the large frames for these things when you put them for a test look on your face.

10. Far from Eyelashes

If you are buying prescription lenses they may be thicker than other normal ones. So when you go from a demo check do ensure that they are far from your eye because at one point they can become quite irritating and uncomfortable.

Hopefully, this checklist will help you select the perfect glasses, as per your face shape.

Glasses are no more just for the prescription purpose to make your vision better. They are used to make style statements and people who have weak eyes can wear glasses in style.

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