The Changing Face of B2B Sales

Adapting the changes in the B2B sales network and industry will be one way to continue your company’s success in a highly competitive economy.

As the economy continues to face disruption from the changes in technology, there is no part of the business industry that is immune. With the inclusion and dependence on artificial intelligence and big data, there are many ways the sales force and sales leaders are in for a world of changes. Without understanding what you are up against, your B2B sales efforts might become unfruitful. There are nine primary areas of change affecting the B2S sales.

Changing Expectations

Salespeople need to adapt to the needs of the consumer long before they are even signed as a client account. The value of salesmanship hasn’t changed; people still want a personable and experienced voice guiding them through the buying process. However, more than ever they are looking for a more customized option that can serve their unique needs. Some of these challenges might include financial resources for their purchases. Although not responsible for their purchasing power, it is helpful to understand their resources and the nature of available business financing. Small or medium-sized businesses may work with a place like for their start-up or large product purchases, which can help guide you as explain and explore what their best investment may be with your line of services.  Even though you have digital connections at your fingertips, maintain close personal contact to establish a quality relationship with the buyer.

Using Digital Tools

There are so many options to access products online that it is only practical for sales personnel to leverage these same tools for their own benefit. Website and internet traffic is one of the most important yet misunderstood areas of digital marketing. For most the users who rely on the Google search engine, the sheer volume of results is never actually understood. Many users never click past the first page. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) content invaluable for a business looking to grow. If a link shows up more than once, the user is more likely to try out the website. More often than not, an individual is originally driven to a website from a search engine.  This makes the SEO marketing tool one of the most valuable for establishing brand awareness and increasing knowledge of your business.

Replacing Instincts With Data

Although your experience in B2B sales may have given you a gut feeling a time or two in the past about a good deal or potential product investment, technology has given the gift of big data to companies all across the economy. With the ability to analyze data for targeted marketing content, companies can experience an increase in profit as they make better decisions and eliminate unnecessary costs. Understanding data analytics has created a new push for applications and software that can be customized for specific business industries. With the help of these tools, you can maximize client value, improve client relationship management, even have a better handle on lead generation.

Selling With Artificial Intelligence

The world of AI is significantly impacting every area of business, including that of salesmanship. Even though a small number of businesses currently have a strong AI software or tool in place, almost three-fourths of all leading business owners believe in the advantage that AI will bring in the near future. Currently, AI use is in places all over the country, as devices offer assistance through Siri or Alexa for driving directions, dining options, or even the latest sports reports. However, sales reps are able to use these same tools for checking on potential customer leads or even sharing the P&L report from the last quarter of business. As AI continues to advance, it will improve the ability to target client leads and make accurate and reliable searches for best-fit customers.

Working With Millennials

The culture of salesmanship has changed as the workplace has accumulated more millennials. In fact, almost thirty percent of the workforce is made up of a new generation of workers looking for more personalized marketing material. Currently, it’s the millennials who are making most of the purchasing decision for their employers, and a B2B salesman will have the most impact when they attract B2B buyers with authentic relationships, personalized content, and efficiency in delivery.

Adapting the changes in the B2B sales network and industry will be one way to continue your company’s success in a highly competitive economy. Using the tools before you and relying on your prior experience, you can develop your company and team as a formidable B2B force.

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