The Best Sports Sunglasses

When spending time outside, it’s imperative your eyes are protected from the elements. We recommend grabbing a pair of lightweight sunnies that stay in place and feel comfortable. Here are some of our most favorite, high performing and worry-free options.

These frames are so lightweight you’ll forget they’re on your face. The lenses offer 100% UVA & UVB and blue light protection while the wraparound style helps them stay on securely. They’re the perfect accessory for any outdoor sporting activity.

The mirrored lens within these lightweight and durable frames reduce glare by reflecting back the rays of the sun. They also filter out 100% of harmful UVA & UVB light. Pink and grey is just one of the fun color combinations this on-trend pair is available in.

These Ray-Bans are a smart investment with their classic style and quality hardware. The polarized lenses offer clarity and contrast, not to mention they’re scratch resistant for built in peace of mind. They’re destined to become your go-to pair.

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