The Best Spice Racks for the Modern Cook

While variety may be the spice of life, a jumble of disorganized spice jars is less than appealing. Nothing is more frustrating than having to empty an entire kitchen cabinet looking for a spice that you NEED that somehow got pushed to the very, very back… Humph! Not to worry, you have spice rack options out there to bring order and ease to your cooking routine.

Turn your spices into wall art with this modern acrylic rack. The shelves are carefully made from a single sheet of premium quality acrylic and designed without glued joints to ensure strength and longevity. Included is mounting hardware for the three individual shelves which gives you the flexibility to place them in a variety of configurations. The rack will hold jars and bottles up to 2-inches wide.

View all of your spices at-a-glance with an in-drawer organizer for easy access. The foam liner is effortless to assemble, can be trimmed for a custom fit, and will securely hold up to 24 full-size spice jars. This set comes with 6 liners which each measure 2.5 inches wide by 18 inches in length. A larger roll is available if you have a collection of 30 or more bottles.

This innovative organizer has drawers that pull out and lower to display spices right at eye-level. Compact with non-skid feet to hold it in place, it easily holds 30 full-size round or square bottles. Customizable drawer labels ensure that spice jars are easy to identify and returned to the right spot.

Contemporary in design, this stainless steel spice rack pulls double duty by adding visual interest to your countertop and providing easy access during meal prep. This revolving rack includes 16 pre-filled jars with sift-and-pour tops for easy measuring and seasoning. You can even register with the manufacturer for free spice refills.

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