The Best Red Lipsticks That Instantly Glam Up Your Look

Lip color trends come and go, but a bright red lip never goes out of style. Why? With just a couple of swipes, a red lipstick can brighten one’s complexion or instantly elevate a natural beauty look to something more glamorous. Here are five at a variety of price points and finishes that you can arrive in time for date night.

This bright, blue-based red was tested on 50 diverse skin tones, so if you’re still unsure about the red for you, there’s a chance this will look good. The lipstick is opaque in one swipe, moisturizing for a matte and stays on surprisingly long.

Lip creams are a wise alternative to lipsticks if you prefer something lighter but still pigmented. This highly pigmented, bright red one from NYX feels silky smooth, and though it has a matte finish, it manages to be moisturizing. Apply this when you want your lips to really make a statement.

For a classic red—think the kind you associate with pinups or Hollywood starlets—look no further than this iconic, neutral-toned (aka universally flattering) rouge from Revlon. It’s moisturizing, doesn’t easily budge, packs lots of pigment, and will have you looking like a million bucks, even though you paid much, much less for it.

You’ll feel extra glam applying this red lipstick in the mirror. It has all the elements of a splurge-worthy lipstick purchase: It’s highly pigmented, housed in retro packaging, and has a luxurious formula that’s long-lasting, applies smoothly, won’t feather and won’t dry out your lips.

If you hate reapplying lipstick throughout the day, you’ll love the formula of this cool-toned, bold red item. Once it dries down to a beautiful matte finish, it won’t budge, unless you end up eating something greasy. Note: you’ll likely need a makeup remover to get this off your lips at the end of the day.

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