The Best Natural Makeup Looks for Every Skill Level

Most working moms want to be put together, but not overdone, for the office, so a natural makeup look is the way to go. But if your simple lip balm/mascara/concealer routine isn’t cutting it for you anymore, try one of these other ways to achieve understated, polished beauty. From 5-minute makeup to looks that take a bit more time, check out the natural makeup tutorials below, no matter your skill level.

If you’re a beginner at makeup:

In just a few minutes, Farah Dhukai gets through her natural makeup routine looking a touch more sunkissed than she started—and we barely notice a trace of makeup on her, just flawless skin. You’ll want to try this when you’re running late in the morning, but still want to pay special attention to your complexion.

Best tip: For a gorgeous glow and easier foundation application, use a beauty oil. Mix it with your foundation for sheerer coverage, and dip your beauty sponge into the oil before using the sponge to apply your base for a dewy finish.

If you have intermediate-level makeup application skills:

We knew this beauty tutorial was a perfect match for us when we stumbled upon its title—”BS Free Natural Makeup for Working Moms”—and it totally delivers. Sona Gasparian’s take on barely-there makeup leaves her skin looking bronzy yet radiant. It’s the perfect makeup for a big client meeting or new job interview, when you want to look polished as you talk about your awesome skills, but you don’t want your makeup to take center stage.

Best tip: Use a baked bronzer to sculpt your skin and add a touch of warmth to your cheeks simultaneously. Baked bronzers are creamier and easier to blend than pressed-powder versions, so using them will save you time.

If you have advanced makeup application skills:

Moms with some great blending game can turn up their natural makeup look by following YouTuber Eman’s tutorial. Featuring rose gold tones, hers is a more amplified version of a natural look. Her steps are handy if you’re looking to brighten your complexion without being washed out by beige shades.

Best tip: Layer a light blush and a darker blush for a multi-dimensional look. Use the darker one on your cheekbones, and the lighter shade just on the apples, in an X shape.

If your makeup game is expert level:

Contouring, highlighting, baking—this makeup tutorial by Ronkeraji features so many of the biggest makeup application trends and is done so beautifully. The result: a natural beauty look that works for everyday due to the flesh-toned colors, but can also work well for special occasions because of the eye makeup and falsies, though she sadly doesn’t demo the eyeliner or falsie application.

Best tip: Double blend your foundation for the fullest, most natural-looking coverage. Ronkeraji first dabs her foundation on with a synthetic brush, then goes back in with a Beautyblender to gently press the foundation into her skin.

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