The Best Matte Lipsticks You’ll Want to Repurchase Over and Over

Every make-up lover needs a dependable matte lipstick in their beauty arsenal. Its shine-free finish is modern and edgy, and, if there are cameras around—won’t make your lips look like they’re melting. But finding a good matte lipstick is easier said than done. Some are extremely drying, tug too much at the lips, fade quickly, or do a combination of all of the above. To help you get closer to finding your matte lipstick BFF, we’ve highlighted three top performers worth checking out.

While this range of lipsticks isn’t 100 percent matte—it has just the teensiest bit of shine—it’s a great starter matte if you tend to use satin lipsticks or glosses. In 24 vibrant shades, you’re bound to find a color you’ll adore, and the formula is comfortable to wear too, thanks to ingredients like vitamins A and C.

Another budget-friendly option, this lipstick comes in 20 highly pigmented shades, from nude and greige to burgundy and blue. The honey-nectar-infused formula is so creamy, it glides over the lips.

This matte liquid lipstick line is pricier than the other options on this list, but you won’t mind the cost when you factor in its longevity—up to 12 hours! While this product isn’t moisturizing (yet it does have vitamin E and avocado oil), it’s not extremely drying either. And as long as you’re careful to avoid eating super-greasy foods during the day, you won’t have to touch it up while you’re at work. Head’s up, you will need a makeup remover to wipe it off!

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