The Best Makeup Organizers So At Least One Part of Your Life is Always in Order

If your makeup collection is getting out of hand, resulting in a lot of clutter on your bathroom counter or vanity, a makeup organizer can be a total game-changer. Featuring multiple compartments, they’re meant to neatly store beauty items, like eyeliner, lipstick or foundation, or even jewelry, while also making them easier to access. And often, they come in pretty designs so they’ll double as decor in your bathroom or getting-ready room.

To help you get started on finding the right makeup organizer that best suits your needs, check out our list below.

If you have a huge makeup collection, then this organizer is worth checking out. It features 12 drawers to hide away smaller items like palettes, blushes or single eye shadows, plus 16 compartments where you can store shorter, narrower items like nail polish, eyeliner or lipstick. Our favorite feature, however, is that it’s customizable. Rather than being one piece, it consists of four separate pieces, so you can try different orientations based on your needs and preferences.

Most makeup organizers only accommodate items that are meant to be stored flat or horizontally. But this clever little devil has a large top compartment designed for taller items that should be stored upright, like bottled skincare or fragrance, that’s protected by a see-through, waterproof and dust-proof plastic cover. The organizer also has three drawers in the bottom section, which are ideal for holding smaller items.

You won’t forget about all the makeup you have in your arsenal as it puts everything on display and rotates 360 degrees for easy access. Use the bottom compartment to store taller and wider items, but save the top section for smaller, narrower items like brushes or lipstick.

If traveling equates utter disorganization for you, have no fear, as this nylon bag guarantees that at least your makeup and skincare will be in order. It features four pockets, ideal for holding brushes, liners or products in pen-type packaging, a zip pocket for flatter items, and a large main compartment with adjustable padded dividers.

If your makeup drawer is always in total disarray, here’s an easy way to introduce some order. Each purchase includes four clear compartments that are suitable for drawers of different widths, and each tray has two dividers and that can be adjusted and moved around. They can also be used in your kitchen, office or dresser drawers.

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