The Best Globes to Teach Your Child About the World and Beyond

Whether you’re teaching geography, environmental responsibility, or even astronomy to your child, these globes will open up a whole new world of understanding and perspectives.

This globe is eight-inches in diameter, making it just the right size for a curious child. It spins easily, clearly displays continents, countries, and capital cities, and even doubles as a night light! Illuminated by an AC power cord and designed to last, this pick inspires learning from daytime into the bedtime routine.

If your child is just as interested in the Milky Way as they are the continents, this globe is sure to be a major hit. This nine-inch in diameter offering lights up at night with a brilliant display of the stars. It’s held by a sturdy chrome steel base, and includes details like ocean depth and constellation mythology to keep your child fascinated and wanting more.

Exploring has never been more fun! We love that this globe even works with an interactive (and educational) app that teaches over a thousand world facts. Its ten-inch diameter and lights up to display eighty-eight constellations and zodiac signs for even more conversation-starting fun fort the whole family.

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