The Best Children’s Toothpaste Flavors

Unless you’re dealing with a kid who is particularly fascinated with oral health, you likely find yourself nagging, errrr, reminding them to brush their teeth. Every. Morning. And. Every. Night. Who can blame them for forgetting about this uber important AM and PM ritual when there are Pokemon cards to count and Barbies to dress? Maybe, just maybe, a fun-flavored toothpaste will boost their memory. Or, if you have a child who simply hates brushing, a special paste that is theirs and theirs only could make the task more appealing. Let these kid-friendly toothpastes do the work for you (because, really, you have enough on your plate).

If your kiddo loves to sink their teeth into a slice of watermelon, they’ll be in heaven with this offering from Hello. It’s fluoride-free, which makes it a good starter paste for littles who are still grasping the concept of spitting this stuff out instead of swallowing it. This formula is also free of artificial sweeteners/flavors, dyes, sls/sulfates, microbeads, parabens, and gluten so you can feel good about offering it to the most important people in your life.

A trusted brand, Burt’s Bees delivers on a fruity tasting toothpaste that is formulated to fight cavities. This paste does contain fluoride, so your child should learn how to spit out toothpaste instead of swallowing before using it. Another thing to keep in mind: It does contain a stevia sweetener to make it more appealing to little mouths.

Not every child is into fruity flavors, and that’s where Tanner’s comes in with their Vanilla Bling offering. It tastes like vanilla ice cream, contains fluoride, but is free of sugar and gluten. Formulated by a dentist who also happens to be a mom, it’s clear the maker had what kids love in mind when whipping up this paste.

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