The Best Beauty Blender Sponges for Applying Foundation Flawlessly

Ok, we’ll say it: the beautyblender forever changed the way people apply makeup. Before it hit the market in 2007, applying foundation with our fingers, brushes or foam sponges (the ones that would soak up all the product before you even had a chance to blend) seemed like our only options. But when the now-famous egg-shaped sponge hit the market, everyone from makeup artists to novices quickly realized how easily it created an incomparably flawless finish with foundation.

Now, over a decade later, the beautyblender has become a makeup routine staple, and used not only for foundation, but for powders and cream products as well. And it’s inspired many brands to launch similar products at a more affordable price. If you’ve never used a beauty sponge before and want to test it out, or are looking for a cheaper alternative to your beautyblender, check out our recommendations below.

This is the beautyblender that started it all. Available in a multitude of colors—from its famous bright pink to sapphire and nude—this sponge is known for gorgeously applying a variety of makeup, including liquid foundation and powders. Use the bottom of the sponge to apply foundation quickly to larger areas of your face, like your forehead, and use the tip for hard-to-reach areas, like around your eyes and the sides of your nose.

The sponges in this set are known for being dupes of the beautyblender because they’re just as soft as the original. And they’re a great deal too—you get five sponges for less than half the price of one beautyblender. If you’re a frequent makeup sponge user, we recommend dedicating each color to a different type of makeup, such as foundation, cream blush, powder and more, so you’ll never have to worry about little makeup mess ups like accidentally getting blush on your forehead.

JUNO & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge

If you like applying makeup with a sponge, but are in the market for something a little different, try these sponges coated in micro-fiber material. They feel softer against the skin than the original beautyblender, and because they have many fibers, they’ll pick up more product than they absorb.

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