The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a New House

A new survey by Trulia shows that many people prefer newly built houses to existing ones. Whether a brand new house or one purchased in the pre-construction phase, a new house has many advantages. Buying a new house allows you to customize it according to your liking. You make your choice for the finishes, flooring, cabinets, appliances, etc. If the house is a pre-built newly constructed one, you can still upgrade it. However, even new houses after their own disadvantages. This article discusses the pros and cons of a new house.

Advantages of a New House

  • You Can Give it a Personal Touch

If you are interested in living in a house that has a personal touch, then a new house will offer you that opportunity. There are about two ways of going about this. You can upgrade the home if it has already been completed.

On the other hand, you can connect with the builder before the house is completed. You may then have a chance to finish it using your upgraded materials. Customizing a new house may cost you a fortune. However, it is a cause worth pursuing.

  • You do not Have the Pressure of Time

Timing is one important advantage of new houses. When buying an existing house, you will feel the pressure as you have to part with huge chunks of money at once. This is not so with a new house. The time taken to complete a new house allows you an opportunity to plan yourself financially. The long-term planning eases the pressure on your finances.

  • Has a Large and Improved Floor Design

New houses come with elegant designs that are meant to enhance comfort and luxury to owners. Whether you custom-build your house or buy an already built one, you can comfortably choose the design of your choice. 

Unlike houses that have lasted for a couple of years, new houses are now designed with a wide-open floor. Their kitchens are made in such a way that they flow into the living rooms. As such, you can be cooking in the kitchen as you supervise your child’s homework or watch a program simultaneously.

  • Requires Less Maintenance

Usually, as you buy a new house, you buy it when it’s fully furnished with brand new things. As a result, it will take you probably months or years to replace some things. Also, you will incur minimal periodic maintenance costs. You can rest assured that with a new house, monthly homeownership costs will also below. A new house has plenty of warranties that can cover you for a couple of years.

Disadvantages of a New House

  • Proper Landscaping May Take Time

Landscaping is another major challenge in a new house. For an already existing house, you will find mature trees. These trees are essential for shade during summer and protect the house from wind during winter. For a new house, it may take some time to get such trees. The landscaping of a new house also takes quite a while to become what you want it to be.

  • The Floor Plan May Not be Customized to Your Taste

In planned communities, builders always go for what is appealing to many customers. Such designs and finishes may deny you that personal touch that you desire to have. The only way out of this is considering a post-purchase painting and decoration. You can still paint your house into being different from that of your neighbors.

  • You May Have to Wait Longer

Waiting may not apply for those looking to buy a newly completed house. However, if you would like to build a custom house, you will need to wait for several months. Your builder, among other factors, will generally determine how long your new house will take to be completed. However, on average, it may take between 5five to six months.

  • You May Encounter Accessibility Challenges Due to Location

In most cases, new houses are often done beyond the suburbs since there are large tracts of land available there. Consequently, commuting is quite a challenge since they are far from the main cities.   You can still find new houses in the city, but they usually are in-fill homes. Further, they usually have minimal outdoor space since they are built on a small urban plot.

In conclusion, although seen as the better option, buying a new house has its pros and cons.

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